S06E13 – Olga’S Sex Dungeon

While looking for Dave inside Olga’s sex dungeon the heroes face pain devils, dominatrixes and a scary gore chain devil.
2014-08-31 – ⁠2022-08-24 finished
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After clearing the sewers the heroes enter Olga’s dungeon. The place appears to be a sex training facility built on a network of ancient piranha infested grottos.

As the heroes explore the exquisitely decorated amidst aromatic incense, deep red curtains and surreal underwater lights they free several tormented souls from their pain devils torturers. The group also bestows freedom upon a couple of cleaning slave ladies they find one of the rooms. The cleaning ladies reveal that Dave is being held in the hardcore section of the dungeon and draws a map for them. Fenna pushes her fears about Dave’s mental health back, Ada expresses genuine scientific interest in finding out.


While looking for the hardcore section and sneaking past Olga’s all-female guards the group is forced to make a detour around a huge cavern where Olga and Yaggira, the slave lord with a Vecna symbol on his hood, are engaging in some sort of necromantic ritual.

The detour takes the group to a guarded storage room. There they find Gravel’s crate and signs of a scuffle. They also find a crate with a rare wood sacred for druids. In one of the corners they discover a tent where a gore chain devil is hiding close near an invocation circle. The group optimistically calculates their odds and prepares to charge.

Memorable Events

  • “Albrecht is quite wise, he just has trouble putting that wisdom into words.”
  • Ada deciding to free three cleaning slave ladies by popping inside one of the sex training rooms, saying “You’re free” and popping out. Albrecht, feeling like those weren’t manners, enters said room and gives them an award-winning speech on freedom that made one of them cry with happiness.
  • “Devils may be constrained inside invocation circles. Is the gore devil inside or outside of it?” Mara-kai asking Caelynna after she peeked below the tent’s side wall. “Outside.”