S06E10 – The Raunchy Buccaneers

A group of nudist hippy pirates provides some in-flight entertainment. However, with the help of their new 700lb bard friend, the heroes fight them off.
2014-07-25 – ⁠2022-08-11 finished
⁠certainty: log ⁠importance: 2

The heroes board the Lucius Enterprises and cast off towards Zoqoi. Aboard the ship is Pilialoha, a seven hundred pounds joyful human bard who insists that music is in the fabric of the universe.

One day during the fly, while Fenna is cleaning up the ponies’ poo inside the hold she finds a stowaway. Gravel, the revenant they met weeks ago, is planning on infiltrating Olga’s dungeon in search of a particular slave who may know something about the circumstances surrounding Gravel’s resurrection from the dead.

Days later a golden eagle approaches the ship, climbs Fenna’s arm, gazes at her and then leaves. That night Fenna dreams with a druid from the Ice Kingdoms who is desperately asking for help. Foreign creatures are intensifying their break-ing attempts into the prison of a long forgotten daemon. The druid isn’t strong enough to hold the the creatures off and she’s worried of what would happen to the area under her protection if the demon were released.

Finally, a couple of days before reaching Zoqoi, the ship is attacked by the Raunchy Buccaneers, a group of nudist hippy dwarf pirates. In the ensuing scuffle Lucius’s bodyguards are thrown off the ship, most of his crew killed and half of the invading pirates thrown aboard. The heroes eventually take control of the situation and capture the surviving pirates, their ship and their treasure chests.

Memorable Events

  • Ada jumping over a pile of nudist sweaty pirates onto the ship’s mast, climbing it and throwing the dwarf stationed there into the sky.
  • Killing nudist pirates in the sky to the tune of “Somewhere over the rainbow” and “Don’t worry, be happy”.