D&D Campaign Log S6 (2014)

Notes recounting the fantastic D&D adventures that took place in Juan's homebrew campaign, Zhymballa, in 2014, which started in 2013. Ashley, Brydon, Loes, Reinoud, Jessica, and I played in Sunnyvale, California.


S06E23 – The Frozen Throne

The heroes explore the demon’s lair in the old dwarven mines, eventually find the demon, send it back to the Abyss and save the Ice Kingdoms. — 2015-02-20

S06E22 – The Glacier

The group survives the white dragons, meets Ada’s mom and Dave’s true self and finds the dwarven mines. — 2015-01-11

S06E21 – The Ice Kingdoms

The heroes explore the Ice Kingdoms and head towards the mines that hold the demon. — 2015-01-11

S06E20 – Resurrection

The heroes make a pact with Zabha, revive Albrecht and arrive to the Ice Kingdoms. — 2015-01-11

S06E19 – A Macabre Zoo

The group escapes the deadly valley after fighting zombie sharks, poisonous snakes and evading rolling boulders at Arren’s zoo. — 2014-10-26

S06E18 – Rahmulaag

The group suffers a terrible loss amidst undead triceratops, water weirds and a black shadow dragon. — 2014-10-16

S06E17 – Louis Lemerre and Braga Clift

The heroes track down the two cultists they were after but they all end up in an eerie valley in the Shadowfell. — 2014-10-15

S06E16 – Crockport

The heroes survive the typhoon and reach Crockport. There Albrecht finds a way to recover the two decades that the Wand of Koyss stole from him. — 2014-10-13

S06E15 – Typhoon

A typhoon forces the heroes’ airship to land near an atoll in the middle of the ocean. A gang of sirens nearly drowns the whole group. — 2014-10-01

S06E14 – Dave is Free

The heroes rescue Dave, plunder Olga’s dungeon in the middle of a scuffle between slave lord factions and leave Zoqoi in the middle of the night. — 2014-09-05

S06E13 – Olga’s Sex Dungeon

While looking for Dave inside Olga’s sex dungeon the heroes face pain devils, dominatrixes and a scary gore chain devil. — 2014-08-31

S06E12 – Filthy Guardians

The heroes find their way to Olga’s dungeon through the city sewers despite its inhabitants. — 2014-08-17

S06E11 – Reasoning with Slavers

The heroes arrive to Zoqoi but Olga the Depraved is too fond of Dave to let him go. The group, then, plans a rescue mission. — 2014-08-09

S06E10 – The Raunchy Buccaneers

A group of nudist hippy pirates provides some in-flight entertainment. However, with the help of their new 700lb bard friend, the heroes fight them off. — 2014-07-25

S06E09 – Sahyeh’s Good Night Kiss

The heroes find out that Dave was sold as a slave in Zoqoi. On their way to Barkinon they also find out that a swarm of warforged is looking for them. — 2014-06-09

S06E08 – The Angels Attack Rar’Am

A squad of angels rips open the sky and set Rar’am on fire. The heroes repel the attack and save Hammer’s life. — 2014-05-03

S06E07 – Curing the Cursed Soil

The heroes heal Mara-kai’s father but the wand has aged Albrecht two decades. Meanwhile danger is knocking on several doors. — 2014-05-03

S06E06 – Impaled

Ururl becomes shish kebab, the heroes escape the crumbling tower and take on a ten days long underground trip with no food. — 2014-05-03

S06E05 – Breeding Grounds

The heroes face swarms of warforged, a submerged corridor and a scorpion-tailed automaton as they progress through the tower dungeons. — 2014-04-26

S06E04 – A Valley of Deranged Warforged

The heroes cross a warforged infested swamp and arrive to the Clockwork Head. They are not, however, the only ones trying to get in. — 2014-04-23

S06E03 – The Desolation Desert

The heroes say bye to the Gerico and enter the Desolation Desert where a capricious sandstorm forces them to face a pack of ravenous zombies. — 2014-02-18

S06E02 – Aboard the Gerico

The heroes are flying across Zhymballa towards the Clockwork Head when a suicidal heartbroken noblewoman forces them to crash-land. — 2014-02-09

S06E01 – Alaris

After the holidays the heroes travel to the cityport of Alaris in search of a wand to save Mara-kai’s father. However a terrible calamity awaits them. — 2014-02-05

S06 – Characters

Description of the characters that appear in Zhymballa Season 6. — 2014-01-04