S06E08 – The Angels Attack Rar’Am

A squad of angels rips open the sky and set Rar’am on fire. The heroes repel the attack and save Hammer’s life.
2014-05-03 – ⁠2022-08-11 finished
⁠certainty: log ⁠importance: 2

Fenna returns to town to wake her friends up but when they get back to the forest the shadar-kai are nowhere to be seen. In the confusion of the night Ada snatches the Wand of Koyss from the church of Pelor, replaces it with a decoy and buries the real one before deciding what to do with it.

The next day Rar’am villagers award Mara-kai and Albrecht with traditional ponchos for their health contributions to the community. Mara-kai feels a bit less ostracized by her people. The heroes then split into two groups and go looking for the shadar-kai who appear to have sneaked into town. Meanwhile Negoth makes a private appearance to Ada and offers her a mysterious present in exchange of the Wand of Koyss. Ada, reasoning that nothing bad could come out of an undead creature of unknown motives holding a powerful cursed wand, agrees.

The group investigations are brought to a halt when the sky rips open on top of Hammer’s house and a squad of fiery angels of valor storms in and starts wreaking havoc. The heroes get together at Hammer’s villa and arrive on time to stop the angels from decapitating the unconscious warforged. After a gruesome battle the group forces the only remaining angel to escape to whichever plane he came from.