S06E14 – Dave Is Free

The heroes rescue Dave, plunder Olga’s dungeon in the middle of a scuffle between slave lord factions and leave Zoqoi in the middle of the night.
2014-09-05 – ⁠2022-08-27 finished
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A split second before the group charged on the devil and the guards in the storage room another pair of dominatrix guards arrives, picks up the devil and immediately leaves. The group gives them ample time to leave and then charges and easily disposes of the remaining guards.

Ada and Caelynna sneakily leading the group.
Ada and Caelynna sneakily leading the group.


Ada and Caelynna lead the group towards the main hall where Olga is participating in the necromantic ritual being held by Yaggira, the allegedly-undead slave lord. While the heroes are quietly skirting the hall a fight erupts between Yaggira’s force and Olga’s. Albrecht, not having to try to be stealthy with his plate armor anymore feels relieved.

After an awkward encounter with Olga’s lieutenants as they were having a bath down in their communal bedroom-spas the group reaches the door to the maximum security section of the dungeon.

Ada loosens up the lock enough so that when Albrecht, tired of the failed lock picking attempts, kicks in, the door flies several feet. Out of the room comes a magic incense that temporarily transports the heroes to various special places in their memories. Eventually they all come back from their respective trips and spot an unconscious Gravel hanging upside down in the middle of the room. Two pain devils are working him up in a bizarre machine. Fenna shouts Dave’s name and, after hearing him reply back Fenna gets all excited and leads the attack. During the ensuing combat Albrecht caresses death but decides to stay with the living. After shoving and pulling, in various imaginative ways, pain devils and guards into the piranha infested pool they free Dave, Gravel, the slave with Scottish accent that Gravel was looking for and twenty other slaves. Albrecht kindly invites the slaves to follow them and all twenty of them accept. Mara-kai doesn’t approve of this strategic burden.

Battle at the maximum security section.
Battle at the maximum security section.


On their way out to the sewers the heroes stop at Olga’s bedroom, find and pick up the 3 treasure chests they find and, following Albrecht’s suggestion, set the room on fire. Ada approves.

At the storage room Fenna spots the crate full of sacred druid wood they found earlier and kindly asks some slaves to carry that too.

Back at the sewers Pilialoha finds the urge to sacrifice himself in order to stop a group of carrion crawlers from chasing them down. The caravan then plows along leaving the poor 700lb human bard in the dark as he wishes them goodbye with his interpretation of “Requiem for a Dream”.

At Zoqoi’s port Albrecht, Mara-kai and Fenna try to convince the airship captain that it’s in his best interest to not raise the previously agreed fare just because there are now 25 people instead of the initial 5. Meanwhile Ada sneaks into Zormack’s ship and frees the remaining caged creatures.

Eventually all the disputes are settled and shenanigans pulled and the group leaves the hot and smelly slave city in the middle of the night.