S06E01 – Alaris

After the holidays the heroes travel to the cityport of Alaris in search of a wand to save Mara-kai’s father. However a terrible calamity awaits them.
2014-02-05 – ⁠2022-08-11 finished
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The group is spending the last days of the year at the Gromsson Fortress recovering from their last adventures and celebrating Yule with their dwarven friends. There they learn how to cook Gromsson sausage rolls and they meet their old friend Kralak and his kobold tribe at their new home.

Meanwhile Ururl and Baldur are wandering through the desert, lost and without any water or food left. They are desperate and tension is running high.

After days of research Torggar and Mara-kai conclude that Ururl must be after the Wand of Koyss, a cursed artifact believed to be at the Clockwork Head, a construct fortress in a far away land. The wand also has the power to the heal Mara-kai’s father. After the last day of celebrations is over the group journeys towards Alaris, the closest airship port at the top of the mountain chain they are under.

After days of traveling through snowstorms and narrow mountain ledges the group arrives to Alaris where they find themselves stalked by an elusive shadar-kai woman. The group also meets Albretch, a paladin who recently lost his companions and who decides to join the group. They also meet Geri, a young airship captain friend of Ada, and they secure a spot in his ship, the Gericho, which will bring them to Barkinon, the closest airport they could find to The Clockwork Head.

The day before their airship’s departure the group scouts around the harbor for signs of Ururl but finds nothing. The unnerving shadar-kai stalking continues and, by the dinner, the group is begging Geri to leave that same night and to not wait any longer. Ada convinces Geri to leave that night in exchange of, what Ada too late realizes, is a bed encounter between both of them.

Later that night, while the group is waiting for Geri, the shadar-kai woman and her accomplices storm into their room and a combat ensues. The shadar-kai prove too strong and the group escapes, making a run for the Gerico. They arrive to the ship before their pursuers, ponies included. However, as the ship is casting off, one of the shadar-kai pulls Dave off the ship with his chain.