S06E22 – The Glacier

The group survives the white dragons, meets Ada’s mom and Dave’s true self and finds the dwarven mines.
2015-01-11 – ⁠2022-08-27 finished
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After leaving their wingsuits behind the heroes start skating over the frozen sea towards the cliffs. The young white dragon and her ten wyrmlings are closing in on them. The heroes reach the cliffs and try to find cover between the rocks. Mara-kai starts shooting at the dragons and manages to kill one of the wyrmlings from more than 300 yards away. This unexpected artillerywoman forces the pack of dragons to make a ninety degree turn, break through the ice and disappear into the water.

The heroes climb on top of their previous covers and prepare for the attack. Suddenly the white dragon emerges through the ice and throws herself upon Markhan and the nearest samurai. The wyrmlings follow suit and spread in all directions. Several rounds later the group finishes with the dragons and Albrecht, convinced that the dragon must be full of gold jumps into the water following the dragon’s dead body as it sinks and spots a sunken Gromsson viking ship which actually contained a rusty treasure chest.

The group starts to climb the cliff while Spike, the adult white dragon, roars in the distance. Mara-kai and Albrecht reach the top after a few seconds of flight, right on time to see Spike furiously charging at them. Albrecht skirts the attack but Mara-kai takes the bulk of the dragon’s breathing attack and is rendered unconscious. With no more sources of lift the paladin and the unconscious Mara-kai start a 500 feet free-fall. Albrecht, in a creative display of problem solving skills, shoves Mara-kai inside the bag of holding and then enters the bag of holding himself keeping his hand out. A few hundred feet down, Fenna, in giant spider form sticks herself to the wall and jumps away from the wall and grabs the falling bag.

Spike flies past the group, loops near the bottom of the cliff and starts flying up to do another deadly pass over the group when, out of the top of the cliff a gold dragon emerges ridden by a female elf. The dragon shoots an immense fireball that forces Spike to change course. Its rider jumps with easy onto the wall very close to Ada and kisses her cheek. The rider happens to be Lilian, Ada’s mom, and she reveals that the dragon is Dave who got free from his I’m-a-yellow-gnome-curse after his first night of passion with his Gromsson girlfriend where he gave and received true love. Lilian promises Ada to spend more bonding time with her after the group is over with the demon and she jumps into Dave’s back and continue fighting Spike.

Lilian and the two dragons plunge underwater as the group continues their climb and eventually reach the top of the cliff and continue their journey. That night Heihachi, the last samurai, gets intimate with Ada while Markhan discusses with Fenna pros and cons of living in nature vs living in civilization.

The next day they group starts their ascend to the glacier where the mines entrance lies. That night they find tracks of cultists and they manage to keep an abominable yeti away with a combination of thunderwave spells and fireballs and elite hiding skills.

Scrap of paper with runes positions that they found in the cave.
Scrap of paper with runes positions that they found in the cave.

Entrance door to the mines.
Entrance door to the mines.

Finally, the following morning the heroes reach a glacier with a large crevasse in it and, inside it, a door with the shape of a dwarven god. After struggling and sweating over the door runic mechanisms the group makes it through it with all their limbs intact and enters the mines.