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I have worked as a software engineer, entrepreneur, private investor, advisor, and coach at/for: Google (2010-2020), Gamersmafia (2000-2010), LaFlecha.net (2003-2010), Art3mis (2002-2004), Heyde AG (2001-2022), and private clients.



I was born in the 1980s in Spain. As a teenager, I played a lot of D&D and video games, learned how to program, and created a gaming community. After high school, I cofounded two startups, studied computer science, and interned at CERN for a summer. After university, I joined Google to work on machine learning, spam and abuse fighting, and data visualization. During that time I started to invest some of my savings in the stock market, which is now one of my main interests. Since university, I’ve been living abroad in Japan, the US, and Switzerland. I’ve also been practicing and studying yoga for many years and recently became a teacher.


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