S06E12 – Filthy Guardians

The heroes find their way to Olga’s dungeon through the city sewers despite its inhabitants.
2014-08-17 – ⁠2022-08-11 finished
⁠certainty: log ⁠importance: 2

After gathering vital information about Olga’s dungeon the heroes leave Kamal and Ashura in charge of Sahyeh back at the inn and head to the sewers.

Once there they meet a group of lethally wounded scavenging wererats. Albrecht and Fenna heal them and then the wererats recount how they barely made it alive of a skirmish with “dangerous sewer monsters full of tentacles”. Despite the warnings the group leaves the wererats behind and push forward into the dungeon.

After miles of foul smelling tunnels the group reaches a chamber with an elevated corridor that leads to a rusty iron door. Two elevated grated tunnels pour mostly clean water out of Olga’s dungeon. Two other grated tunnels almost completely submerged flank the room on both sides. A statue of a man with its four limbs chained in an indecorous position decorates the otherwise mundane ceiling. Ada, followed by Caelynna, confidently approaches the iron door at the end of the corridor, she searches for traps and, after finding nothing, knocks it. An instant later a stone post levers up and shoves Ada into the sewage. Caelynna, though, manages to dodge the lever that attacked her.

As soon as Ada flops into the sewage two spiky tentacled monsters with no eyes and mouths like sharks rush to her. A bloody battle ensues with at least half of the heroes getting nasty cuts and full of filth. After various near death experiences they kill the monsters. Albrecht, Mara-kai and Benji start feeling sick after the scuffle ends which Pilialoha attributes to the foul smell and lack of sunlight.

Ada, eventually, opens the iron door separating the sewers from Olga’s dungeon and lets the rest of the group in.

Memorable Events

  • “You are in deep shit”, Mara-kai to Albrecht.
  • Pilialoha deciding to divebomb into a sewage pool infested with otyughs and with carrion crawlers hanging out of the ceiling as lifeguards.
  • “I think Olga is more of a night person”, Ada in response to Fenna’s musings.