S06E11 – Reasoning With Slavers

The heroes arrive to Zoqoi but Olga the Depraved is too fond of Dave to let him go. The group, then, plans a rescue mission.
2014-08-09 – ⁠2022-08-27 finished
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After landing in Zoqoi Ada finds out that Zormack, an old enemy of hers who owned a rare creatures circus, is in town organizing a series of events at the local colosseum where innocent creatures are being pitted against each other. The rest of the group stops Ada from exercising revenge on the spot and, after accepting Pilialoha’s request to join them and after following Fenna’s suggestion of securing a vessel, the group heads towards Olga’s villa with one goal in mind: freeing Dave.


On the way to the villa they spot Kamal, the daughter of Belden and Ashura, a human family they met on their way to Barkinon. The family is now property of Tacitus, one of the five major Zoqoi slave lords. Before leaving, Albrecht promises Kamal that they will rescue them.

Once at the villa Olga’s guards tell the group that her lady doesn’t deal with people of their ilk directly and that they have to talk to Xandar, Olga’s second in command. The heroes arrange a meeting for the next day and then, after the insistence of Ada, they go to the colosseum to observe Zormack’s night show.

Before the show starts the group makes some time at The 99 Bottles, a tavern close to the colosseum. There they meet Brulius, a dissolute drunkard who swears, from personal experience, that Ada’s mother is a prostitute from Crockport.

Later, at the colosseum, the heroes endure through the grim show and spot Zormack and two other slave lords, Nero and Rufus, with no signs of Olga or the fifth slave lord, Yaggira.

The next morning Fenna meets Xandar at a tavern a few streets away from Olga’s villa. She tries to exchange Sahyeh, the group’s prisoner, for Dave, but Xandar spurns her offer and the meeting ends quickly

With the diplomatic option melting away under Zoqoi’s sun the group moves to plan b: a rescue mission. The session ends after Albrecht manages to buy the freedom of Kamal and Ashura out of Tacitus while, at the other side of the city, Ada’s skirt is being explored by a drunken Brulius, too traumatized to talk about Olga while sober and too horny to pass on this opportunity.

Memorable Events

  • “You’re not my pimp!” Ada to Mara-kai.
  • “You’re trying to get me into prostitution!” Ada, to the group in general.