S06E15 – Typhoon

A typhoon forces the heroes’ airship to land near an atoll in the middle of the ocean. A gang of sirens nearly drowns the whole group.
2014-10-01 – ⁠2022-08-27 finished
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The group, along with their twenty recently freed slaves and friends, leaves Zoqoi aboard Phinneas’s airship. Soon after their departure Dave asks Fenna for permission to go back to the Gromsson fortress and marry his dwarf girlfriend, Fjorna. Albrecht, concerned about Caelynna’s vengeful spirit towards her husband, Vaynor, tries to talk some sense into her. The attempt fails as Albrecht finds himself unable to condemn Vaynor’s libertine conduct. Meanwhile Conan, the old slave the group freed at Olga’s dungeon, reveals to Gravel, the revenant, that he is the reincarnation of Lohra, the daughter of the demon lord Osirik, who was brutally killed by another demon, not by angels as everybody believes. Albrecht chimes in right after this revelation and tries to provide the light and guidance of Pelor to a potentially emotionally vulnerable Gravel. However this persuasion attempt backfires and leaves Gravel convinced that revenge is the best course of action.

A few days later Ada wakes up in the middle of the night sweating and in excruciating pain. A black skull surrounded by a laurel wreath just appeared on her forearm. After waking up the whole group and arguing what that symbol and what to do Fenna ends up dispelling the symbol and everybody goes back to sleep.

The next day, while Ada is at the crow’s nest standing watch, she spots a typhoon looming in the distance. “Phin”, as now Ada apparently calls the captain, lands the ship near an atoll to weather the incoming storm. The atoll has nothing but palm trees and ship wreckage. The only other sign of civilization, a “Keep out” message written in red oil on a splintered wooden board manages to capture the heroes’ attention for a full ten seconds before moving on. They then decide to ask their friendly workforce to cobble together a few thatches and spend the night on the beach. For some reason the rest of the group cannot fathom, though, Ada spends the night on the ship having intercourse with Phinneas the bald dwarf.

The next morning Phinneas returns to the beach but Ada decides that the ship is a safer place, climbs up to the crow’s nest and remains stubbornly there. The ocean gets rougher and rougher with the approaching storm and Ada ends up feeling so nauseated that she falls from the mast and passes out. As her lights go off, a little voice somewhere in the back of her mind asks her friends for help in whispers. Later that day, while the group is securing the ship, Horven finds the passed out Ada and brings her back with the rest.

That night the eye of the storm reaches the atoll and starts pummeling the beach. The wind threatens to pluck trees and thatches while the ocean furiously swings the ship. Inside the shelters everybody gets cozy and starts singing songs from their home towns. Albrecht, at one point during his guard, spots sirens coming out of the ocean and approaching them. To the enchanting tune of “La Macarena” they start their attack. All the heroes break free from the sirens’ luring spell but most of their friends don’t and start dashing towards the ocean. While Horven is frying sirens right and left with his lightnings the rest of the group alternates between killing sirens and preventing their less strong willed friends from running towards their deaths. When everything seemed lost for a dozen of them that were chest-deep in the ocean Fenna casts her breath underwater on them saving from certain death. The last siren alive suddenly disappears underwater after a fin appears a few meters behind her. The fin reaches the shore and the shark it belonged to emerges transforming into a dazzling elf with ibex horns on his helmet, weathered brown leather armor and deep green eyes.

The sirens attack.
The sirens attack.