S06E06 – Impaled

Ururl becomes shish kebab, the heroes escape the crumbling tower and take on a ten days long underground trip with no food.
2014-05-03 – ⁠2022-08-11 finished
⁠certainty: log ⁠importance: 2

Inside the bottomless throne room an Ururl with little left but bones below his skin beckons the group with a big grimace and the Wand of Koyss in his hands. He is sitting on a throne that hovers erratically along with other discs. He arranges to give the wand to the heroes in exchange of a helm that is floating above out of his reach. Mara-kai and Albrecht unknowingly ignite the tower’s self-destruct mechanism by prying the helmet out of its invisible enclosure. Meanwhile Ada jumps from disc to disc and acquires the various magic items that corner the room. As soon as a weary Albrecht hands the helmet to Ururl the scorpion-tailed automaton they met earlier pops out and impales Ururl.

With the room’s towering ceiling now falling apart Albrecht the heroes manage to chuck the automaton out of the way and rush downwards, jumping and clambering through chamber protrusions, metallic meshes and other warforged machinery. The toxic smoke coming out of the breeding contraptions from lower levels makes the descend even more interesting. After several broken bones, glancing attacks from the automaton horror and several party members falling unconscious, the heroes reach the bottom of the tower and burst towards the exit.

Too late does the group realize that they are sailing through labyrinthine underground rapids with no exit or food sources for days. Along the way the group stokes up on hallucinogenic mushrooms and skirts a dangerous green slime. Just when the heated disagreements regarding the morality of eating Ada’s wolf or Baldur, the treacherous dwarf, are reaching their limit the group finds light at the end of the tunnel.