S06E09 – Sahyeh’S Good Night Kiss

The heroes find out that Dave was sold as a slave in Zoqoi. On their way to Barkinon they also find out that a swarm of warforged is looking for them.
2014-06-09 – ⁠2022-08-11 finished
⁠certainty: log ⁠importance: 2

After Hammer is brought back to life the group starts interrogating the poor soul about the angels and Hamer’s past. Meanwhile Ada sneaks into Hammer’s villa irresistible tempted to open the hidden door she found earlier but a servant finds her and brings her outside. While the interrogation continues a bored Ada meets Negoth and exchanges the Wand of Koyss for an amulet as they had previously agreed.

With the recent attack so close and the shadar-kai roaming around the group resolves to sleep together at Mara-kai’s house that night. Mara-kai wakes up in the middle of the night when two blades are brutally slicing her up. With the help of the rest of the party, all still wasted from the battle, they put an end to the sticky shadar-kai commando and capture Sahyeh, the witch leader, destroying Mara-kai’s house in the process. Sahyeh reveals that she sold Dave to Olga, a Zoqoi slaver, weeks ago. Fenna worries about the paladin’s fate after finding out that the yellow pinky in Sahyeh’s gory necklace is Dave’s. Fenna convinces the group that their priority now is rescuing Dave. Mara-kai instructs her parents to come along with them until they get to Barkinon. The party hires a fisherman to bring them to a neighboring town to find a boat that will get them to Barkinon.

After two days of sailing near the coast the group arrives to a recently razed town. Just for fun Ada convinces the delirious and only survivor that she’s the goddess Melora. He informs her that a group of enraged warforged lead by an ghastly warforged aberration is looking for a helmet. Ada knocks the poor guy unconscious and loots the village, snatching a fishing rod in the process, while the rest of the group disembarks. Albrecht heals the survivor and they send him along with the fisherman that brought them here back to Rar’am. The party appropriates several skiffs and continues towards Barkinon.

After several days of uneventful sailing the group arrives to Barkinon. The city is celebrating a festival in honor of Melora and the only airship ready to sail towards Zoqoi requires the heroes to protect its proprietor, a wealthy tiefling merchant named Lucius, and its goods unit they get to Zoqoi. As the group prepares to leave Mara-kai says bye to her parents and gives them enough gold pieces to build a new home and retire.