S09E15 - Arrival at Kir Sabal

The heroes rescue a peacock aarakocra called Astra, get attacked by a vicious Rupert, and arrive at the aarakocra monastery. — 2024-06-24

S09E14 - Three Times Down the Cliff

The heroes kill the stone golem, rob him, and reach an old tower occupied by pterafolk. — 2024-06-16

S09E13 - Big T and the Stone Golem

The heroes kill an undead Tyrannosaurus Rex and get stuck on the Monkey Bridge fighting a stone golem. — 2024-05-19

S09E12 - Sex in the City

After arriving back in Port Nyanzaru, the heroes return the sailing ship to its owner and go to Salida’s house. Their goal is to leave Port Nyanzaru quickly to continue their search for the cursed artifact, the missing druid from Ellie’s order, and Sophi’s orphanage sister. And while they’re at it, help Avilos craft amazing songs and help Mao find and fix her broken ship. When they arrive at Salida’s house, she’s not there. — 2024-05-12

S09E11 - Hot Potato

The heroes recover the orb from the sea floor, reach Port Nyanzaru, take a boat, and drop the orb back into the sea. — 2024-05-12

S09E10 - Safely Afloat 200m Away

The heroes steal Rupert’s backpack and the orb, escape from the now out of control undead army, but end up losing the orb in the quiet of the night. — 2024-05-11

S09E09 - Chasing the Undead Army

The heroes arrive to a razed Fort Beluarian, save the lives of Gruta and Shilau, and find ankylosauruses willing to be mounts. The heroes then rescue the missing and confused Carnivore, and catch up with the undead army. — 2024-03-24

S09E08 – Mountain Explosions and Interrogations

The heroes meet the dungeon owner, destroy the warforged monster, and realize they’ve released an undead army. Salida gets caught spying on the group, and the unforgiving heroes promptly interrogate her, without her consent. — 2024-03-17

S09E07 – A Tricky Wooden Door

The heroes figure out the trick to the wooden door at the end of the jungle dungeon. — 2024-03-16

S09E06 – Alligators, Toxic Gasses, and Traps

The heroes delve into a dungeon, defended by alligators, and filled with traps, at the edge of a mountain. — 2024-02-11

S09E05 – Fort Beluarian

The heroes arrive at Fort Beluarian, gather information, fleece guards, and take on a mission to eradicate a nearby surge of ghouls. Already on their way, they find a ghost village populated by skeletons. — 2024-02-10

S09E04 – The Grung and the Baby

The heroes say bye to the grung, rescue a baby from a terrifying sea hag, and reach Fort Beluarian. — 2024-01-26

S09E03 – Into the Jungle

Carnivore joins the heroes. They then enter the jungle, encounter a 13-meter-long constrictor snake but skilfully prevent any bloodshed, and rescue a frog-like humanoid from three hungry giant lizards. — 2024-01-10

S09E02 – Revenge

Avilos joins the group, the heroes thwart Carnivore’s ambush and gather supplies and info. — 2024-01-09

S09E01 – Dinosaur Race

The heroes start their adventure winning a dinosaur race in Port Nyanzaru (Na Pali), earning a free jungle guide, and saving an eccentric druid from a group of undead. — 2024-01-01

In the Sea of Moving Ice (The Rise of Tiamat)

Comicstrip of my first D&D game session as a player in more than twenty years. — 2019-03-16

S08E06 – Mountain Caves

The heroes kill the half-ogre, rescue the missing brothers, and return to the academy. There they find out how to flood the abandoned monastery and easily defeat the undead. — 2018-01-24

S08E05 – The Lowoack Brothers

The heroes arrive at Pelor’s Academy and borrow some paladins in exchange of helping find two missing academy brothers. The heroes track them down to a half-ogre cave where they have to fight a pack of wolves. — 2018-01-22

S08E04 – Interruptions

The heroes frustrate two attempts to kill Davos and capture the assassins, two dragonborn members of a mercenary group hired by a Ridgeport merchant called Falgrom. On their way to Pelor’s Academy, up in the mountains, the group endures a strong snowstorm that doesn’t prevent them from reaching their destination. — 2017-12-11

S08E03 – Party

The heroes return Gighur and the rest of the kidnapped villagers to Rockbreach and they accept Minnesota’s offer to cleanse the abandoned monastery from goblins and undead in order to join The Caretakers Syndicate. — 2017-12-05

S08E02 – The Abandoned Monastery

The heroes continue exploring the abandoned monastery, rescue their target, Gighur, and make a deal with one of the goblins to leave the area alive. — 2017-11-28

S08E01 – Rescuing Gighur

Minnesota, a well-fed female dwarf, has hired the heroes to rescue her brother Gighur Shatterheat from a group of goblins. The heroes get their way into the goblin’s lair through a crate of full of corpses. After killing the goblins unloading the cargo, the heroes find the entrance to the crypts and explore it in full. — 2017-11-02

S07E05 – Maradona

The heroes mount an expedition to rescue the villagers that Don Diego’s butler had sold to Zlavoi. During their trip, they find out that there is more than one mindflayer lord messing around, they come across an Iron Shield camp, but manage to eventually reach Zlavoi’s hideout. — 2015-09-01

S07E04 – Cow Riders

The heroes kill the Iron Shields squad with a group of drugged cows. After great difficulty, they then arrive at Don Diego’s hamlet, and find out that their patron, Eva, lied about the mission and only wants to marry Don Diego, without prenups. — 2015-08-26

S07E03 – The Soothsayer

The heroes have to hand in their loot to Zlavoi, Don Quinn’s nemesis. They then return to Bluetrail where the major rewards them for completing their mission. They also meet a woman who asks their help finding her fiancee. — 2015-08-18

S07E02 – The Ziggurat

The heroes continue exploring the dungeon where the find a baby dragon and a fierce flesh golem. — 2015-07-21

S07E01 – Expedition

The party is hired to explore a crumbling archaeological site in a swampy valley. — 2015-07-02

S07 – Characters

Description of the characters that appear in Zhymballa Season 7. — 2015-05-20

S06E23 – The Frozen Throne

The heroes explore the demon’s lair in the old dwarven mines, eventually find the demon, send it back to the Abyss and save the Ice Kingdoms. — 2015-02-20

S06E22 – The Glacier

The group survives the white dragons, meets Ada’s mom and Dave’s true self and finds the dwarven mines. — 2015-01-11

S06E21 – The Ice Kingdoms

The heroes explore the Ice Kingdoms and head towards the mines that hold the demon. — 2015-01-11

S06E20 – Resurrection

The heroes make a pact with Zabha, revive Albrecht and arrive to the Ice Kingdoms. — 2015-01-11

S06E19 – A Macabre Zoo

The group escapes the deadly valley after fighting zombie sharks, poisonous snakes and evading rolling boulders at Arren’s zoo. — 2014-10-26

S06E18 – Rahmulaag

The group suffers a terrible loss amidst undead triceratops, water weirds and a black shadow dragon. — 2014-10-16

S06E17 – Louis Lemerre and Braga Clift

The heroes track down the two cultists they were after but they all end up in an eerie valley in the Shadowfell. — 2014-10-15

S06E16 – Crockport

The heroes survive the typhoon and reach Crockport. There Albrecht finds a way to recover the two decades that the Wand of Koyss stole from him. — 2014-10-13

S06E15 – Typhoon

A typhoon forces the heroes’ airship to land near an atoll in the middle of the ocean. A gang of sirens nearly drowns the whole group. — 2014-10-01

S06E14 – Dave is Free

The heroes rescue Dave, plunder Olga’s dungeon in the middle of a scuffle between slave lord factions and leave Zoqoi in the middle of the night. — 2014-09-05

S06E13 – Olga’s Sex Dungeon

While looking for Dave inside Olga’s sex dungeon the heroes face pain devils, dominatrixes and a scary gore chain devil. — 2014-08-31

S06E12 – Filthy Guardians

The heroes find their way to Olga’s dungeon through the city sewers despite its inhabitants. — 2014-08-17

S06E11 – Reasoning with Slavers

The heroes arrive to Zoqoi but Olga the Depraved is too fond of Dave to let him go. The group, then, plans a rescue mission. — 2014-08-09

S06E10 – The Raunchy Buccaneers

A group of nudist hippy pirates provides some in-flight entertainment. However, with the help of their new 700lb bard friend, the heroes fight them off. — 2014-07-25

S06E09 – Sahyeh’s Good Night Kiss

The heroes find out that Dave was sold as a slave in Zoqoi. On their way to Barkinon they also find out that a swarm of warforged is looking for them. — 2014-06-09

S06E08 – The Angels Attack Rar’Am

A squad of angels rips open the sky and set Rar’am on fire. The heroes repel the attack and save Hammer’s life. — 2014-05-03

S06E07 – Curing the Cursed Soil

The heroes heal Mara-kai’s father but the wand has aged Albrecht two decades. Meanwhile danger is knocking on several doors. — 2014-05-03

S06E06 – Impaled

Ururl becomes shish kebab, the heroes escape the crumbling tower and take on a ten days long underground trip with no food. — 2014-05-03

S06E05 – Breeding Grounds

The heroes face swarms of warforged, a submerged corridor and a scorpion-tailed automaton as they progress through the tower dungeons. — 2014-04-26

S06E04 – A Valley of Deranged Warforged

The heroes cross a warforged infested swamp and arrive to the Clockwork Head. They are not, however, the only ones trying to get in. — 2014-04-23

S06E03 – The Desolation Desert

The heroes say bye to the Gerico and enter the Desolation Desert where a capricious sandstorm forces them to face a pack of ravenous zombies. — 2014-02-18

S06E02 – Aboard the Gerico

The heroes are flying across Zhymballa towards the Clockwork Head when a suicidal heartbroken noblewoman forces them to crash-land. — 2014-02-09

S06E01 – Alaris

After the holidays the heroes travel to the cityport of Alaris in search of a wand to save Mara-kai’s father. However a terrible calamity awaits them. — 2014-02-05

S05 – Characters And Locations

Description of the characters and locations that appear in Zhymballa Season 5. — 2014-01-12

S05E11 – Lauranthal’s Wedding

Fenna and Ada get captured but the rest rescues them. The heroes bring Torggar back to the Gromsson fortress but find out that Ururl has escaped. — 2014-01-12

S05E10 – Misty Archways

The heroes escape the mummy and find their way out. Torggar sheds light on the Prophecy passage and the group attends the belated wedding. — 2014-01-11

S06 – Characters

Description of the characters that appear in Zhymballa Season 6. — 2014-01-04

S05E09 – The Tomb of Osirik

The heroes rescue Torggar, escape the demon fortress through its dungeons but get stuck at a tomb, home to a demon mummy. — 2013-11-30

S05E08 – The Stronghold of Osirik

While at a ballroom party the heroes uncover a nasty plot involving cultists. They also find the entrance to their extraplanar floating-in-space lair. — 2013-11-17

S05E07 – Death at the Temple

The heroes sing to a green dragon, Ada gets in love and gets a tatoo, the Prophecy academic, Torggar, is gone and the group is ambushed. — 2013-11-10

S05E06 – Interrupted Ritual

Mara-kai joins the group. The heroes capture the archvillain, put him in prison and head to Arana to decipher a worrying Prophecy passage. — 2013-11-06

S05E05 – The Battle of Gromsson Fortress

The heroes stop a deceived stone titan, save the leader of the good guys and kill the leader of the bad guys. Archvillain escapes. — 2013-10-06

S05E04 – Kobold Refugees

Ada joins the group. The heroes head to the mountains to stop a massacre but a kobold in distress pops up along the way. — 2013-10-06

S05E03 – The Third Heart

The desecrated temple is on life support. The heroes cross to the elemental plane of earth to put out a fire at great personal risk. — 2013-10-06

S05E02 – Smiley Bob

After freeing the prisoners, scaring the mischievous kobolds away and convincing the bear to be nice the heroes continue their journey. — 2013-10-06

S05E01 – Ailah’s Visions

Fenna departs for the Temple of Kirill. Along her way she stumbles upon a commune of narcotic halflings in need of help. — 2013-10-06

S04E09 – The Slavers’ Nest of Melanides

The heroes defeat the cultists, negotiate with a black dragon, and eventually free the oasis from cultists. After some rest, they leave for their next stop: an oasis led by a sadistic dragonborn who is also into slavery. — 2010-10-23

S04E08 – The Cult of the Snake

The heroes get back to the Oasis of Zurk, find out about an upcoming sacrifice, and try to stop it starting a violent fight with the cultists. — 2010-10-17

S04E07 – Skin-Like-Peaches

The heroes visit Tales’s tribal village, gather information about the Cult of the Snake, and fight off a large group of cultists. — 2010-09-25

S04E06 – The Oasis of Zurk

The heroes defeat the goblins trying to free the captive beast. They then arrive to the Oasis of Zurk where they accept a mission from its leader to kick the Cult of the Snake out of the oasis. — 2010-09-18

S04E05 – The Oasis of Amja

The heroes accept a side mission to rescue someone different who is being held inside a citadel-turned-prison under the Oasis. The heroes find the captor, a revenant, who is waiting for reinforcements because the creature is so dangerous and has already killed the 19 other revenants that were with him. — 2010-09-10

S04E04 – The Lichen

The heroes fight off a monstruous two-headed crocodile, and bring the lichen to the caravan’s shaman who prepares a cure for Hadj. Now fully healed, Hadj brings the caravan to the Oasis of Amja where they rest and enjoy a big party. — 2010-09-01

S04 – Khairon’s Journal

Khairon’s narration of season 4 until the temple of Unbroken Silence. — 2010-08-31

S04E03 – The Temple of Unbroken Silence

A caravan merchant gets killed by an unknown murderer. Later, the caravan reaches the Temple of Unbroken Silence where the heroes expect to find the lichen they need. — 2010-08-27

S04 – Caravan Members

Here are the members of the caravan: Hadi The caravan leader, a middle age tiefling that always tries to sound confident. He seems to be short sighted but you haven’t had too much contact with him after he fell ill. Gnome family Two little gnome kids and their mother. The kids love Feral and his strength. Human family A father and his 3 daughters. One of them is really fascinated with Feral. — 2010-08-25

S04E02 - Followed

The heroes know they’re been followed, and after a few nights, they have to defend the caravan from another attack, this time a group of bandits. — 2010-08-11

S04E01 - Caravan Through the Red Sea

The heroes, hired to guard a caravan as it traverses the treacherous Red Sea desert, fight off a clan of cannibal halflings. A few days later, one of the caravan members falls ill, poisoned. — 2010-08-08

S04E – Characters

Description of the characters that appear in Zhymballa Season 4. — 2010-08-01


Description of a homebrew D&D monster that is a mix between a bull, a dog, and Juggernaut from the Marvel universe. — 2010-07-13

Clamor De Justicia (I)

Los PJs derrotan a un grupo de zombies, prenden fuego accidentalmente a la posada durante la lucha pero evitan destruirla completamente. — 2008-12-17

Apasionado Del D&D

Por qué me apasiona jugar al Dungeons & Dragons. — 2007-07-01

S03E09 – Cataclismo

Los héroes abordan un barco alado para escapar de Tarrasque y sobrevivir al cataclismo en el que se ven involucrados. — 1998-10-15

S03E04 – Exploradores del Nuevo Mundo

Los héroes, perseguidos por Tarrasque, llegan a Lankhmar pero los retos no parecen acabar nunca. — 1998-04-15

S03E02 – El Vampiro Enano

Los héroes escapan de un vampiro enano rabioso y de un clan goblin y salen del mundo subterráneo en el que han vivido toda la vida. — 1998-02-15

S02E02 – Huída de Tun

Los héroes son contratados como espías para evitar una guerra entre dos facciones subterráneas pero no saben lo que les espera. — 1997-11-25

S01E08 – Náufragos

Los héroes se despiertan después de haber naufragado, exploran un acantilado y encuentran con un dragón rojo. — 1997-06-21

S01E05 – El Amor De Una Madre

Los héroes rescatan a la parte del grupo convertido en piedra, encuentran la cabeza de un rey muy parlanchina, y aceptan ayudar a una familia afectada por una maldición. — 1997-05-25

S01E02 – Un Dragón Misterioso

Los héroes intentar descansar en un campamento bárbaro pero un wyvern les ataca y los héroes se ven obligados a escapar de nuevo. — 1997-02-21

S01E01 – Huída de Solace

Los héroes no consiguen defender Solace de una invasión no-muerta y se ven obligados a huir. — 1997-01-15