S06E20 – Resurrection

The heroes make a pact with Zabha, revive Albrecht and arrive to the Ice Kingdoms.
2015-01-11 – ⁠2022-08-11 finished
⁠certainty: log ⁠importance: 2

The session starts with a flash-back where Cairn, a tiefling warrior, and Albrecht are trying to capture the leader of a cult. At some point Cairn gets surrounded by enemies and Albrecht saves his life.

Back to the present Abh, Zabha’s subordinate, offers the group who just came back from Arren’s adventurer’s death trap to bring Albrecht back alive in exchange of them killing the demon in the Ice Kingdoms. He gives the group one day to decide. Abh also brings Braga back from his coma. The cultist and Louis decide to leave the group while Albrecht is still dead.

At the inn Cairn approaches the heroes after overhearing them talking about Albrecht. He happens to be heading to the Ice Kingdoms and, after some consideration, the group invites him to join them.

That night Negoth tries to coax Ada for information but after the incident with the burning symbol on her arm she’s a bit cagey and noncooperative.

Meanwhile Albrecht’s soul, still lingering in the Plane of Death, receives a telepathic offer to join The Undying Court but, even though the paladin yearns to be back, there is something about the whole undead process that puts him off.

The next morning the group meets Abh again. The heroes accept his offer and they pick Albrecht’s sword as a focus for Abh’s resurrection spell. The spell works and the paladin is brought back alive, albeit with a more centered temperament, less charisma and more wit. Abh also gives the group a magic battle axe created to destroy the demon. He then opens a magic portal to the Ice Kingdoms and wishes the heroes farewell in their mission. They cross the portal and a snowy mountain slope receives them.

Seconds after landing a skying deva woman smashes into Cairn propelling both of them more than thirty feet in the air and landing inches away from a hundred feet tall cliff. Behind the skier three dozen demons come running or flying down the mountain slope. As the heroes fight off the demons the woman presents herself as Markhan, the druid that asked Fenna for help in dreams. The skirmish with the demons escalates and turns into an avalanche that buries most of the monsters. The heroes, though, manage to escape: Albrecht and Cairn sledding off the cliff on their shields, Mara-kai flying, Fenna and Markahn climbing down the cliff in rat form and Ada jumping off the cliff using her poncho from Rar’am as a parachute.

After the avalanche Markhan leads them to Niflheim where they all meet Gudmundur. The group finds out a bit more about the three clans living in the nearby island. All three villages are lead by the descendants of Daiki, the human leader who helped the dwarves imprison the demon. The village leaders are: Satoru the younger brother, Takao, the older brother and Himeko, their sister. The heroes also find out there is an adult white dragon with two younger female dragons between them and the Palace of the Thousand Stories.