D&D Campaign Log S5 (2013)

Notes recounting the fantastic D&D adventures that took place in Juan's homebrew campaign, Zhymballa, in 2013, and continued in 2014. Ashley, Brydon, Loes, Reinoud, and I played in Sunnyvale, California.


S05 – Characters And Locations

Description of the characters and locations that appear in Zhymballa Season 5.

S05E11 – Lauranthal’S Wedding

Fenna and Ada get captured but the rest rescues them. The heroes bring Torggar back to the Gromsson fortress but find out that Ururl has escaped.

S05E10 – Misty Archways

The heroes escape the mummy and find their way out. Torggar sheds light on the Prophecy passage and the group attends the belated wedding.

S05E09 – The Tomb Of Osirik

The heroes rescue Torggar, escape the demon fortress through its dungeons but get stuck at a tomb, home to a demon mummy.

S05E08 – The Stronghold Of Osirik

While at a ballroom party the heroes uncover a nasty plot involving cultists. They also find the entrance to their extraplanar floating-in-space lair.

S05E07 – Death At The Temple

The heroes sing to a green dragon, Ada gets in love and gets a tatoo, the Prophecy academic, Torggar, is gone and the group is ambushed.

S05E06 – Interrupted Ritual

Mara-kai joins the group. The heroes capture the archvillain, put him in prison and head to Arana to decipher a worrying Prophecy passage.

S05E05 – The Battle Of Gromsson Fortress

The heroes stop a deceived stone titan, save the leader of the good guys and kill the leader of the bad guys. Archvillain escapes.

S05E04 – Kobold Refugees

Ada joins the group. The heroes head to the mountains to stop a massacre but a kobold in distress pops up along the way.

S05E03 – The Third Heart

The desecrated temple is on life support. The heroes cross to the elemental plane of earth to put out a fire at great personal risk.

S05E02 – Smiley Bob

After freeing the prisoners, scaring the mischievous kobolds away and convincing the bear to be nice the heroes continue their journey.

S05E01 – Ailah’S Visions

Fenna departs for the Temple of Kirill. Along her way she stumbles upon a commune of narcotic halflings in need of help.