S05E01 – Ailah’s Visions

Oct 6, 2013  – 

Fenna, a red-haired elf druid from The Singing Forest, meets her pretty and materialistic childhood friend, Lauranthal, to talk about Lauranthal’s upcoming wedding with an elf from Arana, a nearby village. The groom’s father is rumored to be dealing with cultists.

The next day Fenna pays a visit to Ailah, her clumsy priestess friend from Oreling’s Temple of the Forest who is prone to fall into trance. She does so while Fenna is visiting and she has three visions: in the first one she sees the Temple of Kirill covered by ominous clouds. In the second one she sees two tombs in an underground cave. And in the third one, she sees a dark and tall man accompanied by two grey wolves. Fenna decides to go to the Temple of Kirill to investigate.

On her way there she stumbles upon Happy Fumes, a small commune inhabited by friendly narcotic halflings. A neighboring bear named whom they call Smiley Bear has started harassing them and they are looking for a permanent solution. After much reluctance Fenna decides to help and heads towards the bear’s hideout: an old windmill. Once there she founds that the windmill has been taken over by kobolds who have trained the bear to snatch halflings. Inside the windmill Fenna frees two captives: a halfling child and Dave, a yellow-skinned gnome paladin. Feeling indebted to Fenna, Dave pledges to serve her from now on.