S05 – Characters And Locations

1. Player Characters (PCs) and companions

Ada: female half-elf scoundrel rogue.

Albrecht: male human paladin.

Fenna: female elf druid.

Mara-kai: female genasi warlord

2. Companion Non-player Characters (NPCs)

Dave: male gnome paladin.

Gru: Dave’s pony received as a gift after freeing Happy Fume village from Smiley Bob.

Benji: grey wolf with a knack for biting mummies. Doubles as Ada’s ride.

3. Non-player Characters (NPCs)

Ailah: female elf nun who works at Oreling’s Temple of the Forest. She is a good friend of Fenna and tends to have unreliable visions.

Arancon: elf male ex-cultist who joined the cult of Lolth to find his friend, Tolomar. He attacked the PCs during as part of an ambush in Arana but later joined them and freed his friend who was kept at the Strongold of Osirik.

Baldur: dwarf guard who helped Ururl escape while he was imprisoned at the Gromsson Fortress.

Dogrin Gromsson: male dwarf chieftain of the Gromsson clan. The PCs saved his life during the Battle of Gromsson.

Draugdur: male elf with a strong filia towards spiders who joined the cult of Lolth. The PCs captured him the day he arrived to Arana and ambushed them along with other cultists. He has been in a vegetative state ever since he was rescued from a prison in the Stronghold of Osirik.

Eldil: male elf guard from Arana’s garrison who is investigating the disappearances in town and suspects Malon is behind them.

Geri: human male whom Ada saved after his ship crashed long time ago.

Gork: stone titan who lives in the earth elemental plane. He got tricked by Ururl into attacking the Gromsson fortress but the PCs reasoned with him and saved the Gromsson fortress in the process.

Gudmundur: old male erudite from remote lands who spends his time studying the Prophecy.

Kaifan: green dragon who loves music. She helped the PCs reach Arana on time for Lauranthal’s wedding after the group pleased her with their songs.

Kralak: male kobold leader who wears the skull of his wife as a necklace and frequently talks to it. He leads a small group of kobolds that got hit by the confrontations between the Gromsson and the Edebor clans. They now live in the old Edebor fortress after the Edebor clan got destroyed. He is very friendly towards the PCs after they saved his son’s life who later died at the Battle of Gromsson.

Lauranthal: female elf, Fenna’s childhood friend who married Riliel from the Malon house in Arana.

Lohra: female demon chieftain, daughter of Osirik. She died during the final assault of the angels army to the Stronghold of Osirik.

Malon: male elf businessman who controls a big part of Arana. He is trying to gather control of The Singing Forest due to an inferiority complex. The PCs uncovered an alliance between him and the Cult of Lolth and a gate to the Stronghold of Osirik lies in his state.

Masala: foreign male monk who works at the Temple of the Forest of Arana. Ada had a crush on him and tatooed his face on her arm but later rejected his advances. He is known to be a womanizer.

Negoth: undead who often appears surrounded by black roses and talks with enigmatic sentences that, so far, have informed the group.

Riliel: elf, son of Malon who married Lauranthal.

Sheeraz: a lizard man who lead the cultists of Lolth that took hold of the Stronghold of Osirik. He works with Malon.

Sheril: female elf innkeeper of the Sleepy Priest inn.

Shrulak: make kobold wizard part of Kralak’s kobold clan.

Smiley Bob: bear who terrified Happy Fumes after being tricked by a pack of kobolds.

Tolomar: male elf, friend of Arancon, who joined the cult of Lolth. The PCs rescued him at the same they rescued Torggar from the Stronghold of Osirik. Has been in a vegetative state ever since.

Thurion: male elf guard part of Arana’s garrison. He seems to be on Malon’s side.

Torggar: old male dwarf erudite. He spends his time studying the Prophecy and traveling through The Singing Forest. He is good friends with the dwarves in Happy Fumes and enjoys their weed.

Ururl: old male drow druid wreaking havoc trying to gain immortality. Main villain throughout the season.

Whuror Edebor: the late male dwarf Edebor chieftain. He died at the Battle of Gromsson after being thrown out of a window.

Y’zandhel: old female elf druid who taught Fenna all about being a druid. She lives in the wild in The Singing Forest and she seems to know a lot about Ururl.

Zabha: rakshasha male demon lord known to find pleasure is misleading humanoids into great suffering. The PCs believe he is behind some of Ururl’s machinations.

4. Locations

Alaris: a town at the top of the mountains at the edge of the Singing Forest. It’s one of the great flying ship harbors of this part of Zhymballa.

Gromsson Fortress: underground fortress inside the mountains north of The Singing Forest. The PCs saved the fortress from being destroyed by a stone elemental and an enemy dwarf clan.

Happy Fumes: small halfling village whose inhabitants spend their time sleeping, smoking weed, eating and partying.

Oreling: small elven town in The Singing Forest where Fenna comes from.

Rar’am: Remote village where Mara-kai comes from.

Stronghold of Osirik: a stronghold hidden in a small island that floats through space in the Plane of Chaos. It was built by demons but has now being taken by the Cult of Lolth.

Temple of Kirill: one of the elven temples devoted to the spirit of the forest. After Fenna was born she was brought here as part of an elf ritual for newborns. Ururl desecrated and nearly destroyed this place but Fenna and Dave restored it.

The Singing Forest: big forest where all the action in season 5 took place. It’s name comes from the sound the wind makes when it traverses it.

The Sleepy Priest Inn: the inn that Torggar usually stays at when he visits Arana and the inn where the PCs stay whenever they are in town.

Tomb of Osirik: the tomb where the mummy of the demon lord Osirik lies. It’s on the same floating island where the stronghold of the same name is.