S05E02 – Smiley Bob

After freeing the prisoners, scaring the mischievous kobolds away and convincing the bear to be nice the heroes continue their journey.
2013-10-06 – ⁠2022-08-11 finished

After Fenna freed Dave and the halfling child the rest of the kobolds arrive and join the ones that were outside of the windmill oblivious to the PCs. A fight ensues but Fenna convinces the windmill bear to fight against the kobolds. The battle is over soon and the only kobold left alive flees. Fenna manages to convince the bear to not attack the halflings anymore and they return to the halfling village.

Back at Happy Fumes the halflings receive the group with a big party full of beer and halfling delicacies. As a token of gratitude the halflings give Dave a pony so that the PCs can make up for lost time.

The group leaves Happy Fumes the next morning in direction of the Temple of Kirill. During their first night out they meet an old enigmatic man that invites them to tea but who doesn’t spare many words. After an uneventful chat with him the group gets back to their campsite to rest.