S05E09 – The Tomb Of Osirik

The heroes rescue Torggar, escape the demon fortress through its dungeons but get stuck at a tomb, home to a demon mummy.
2013-11-30 – ⁠2022-08-11 finished

The group starts the session inside the stronghold’s courtyard. They have just killed some spiders and a hex knight and barely escaped a limping demon abomination. Inside the courtyard the cultists appear to doing a spring cleaning session. Huge piles of dirt lie all over the place which allow the group to sneakily get into the main building and into the prison.

Once at the prison they find two guards. After disposing of one of them they muffle and put the other in a cell. After security is taken care of they find and free Torggar, the runepriest they were looking for. Besides him they find Gudmundur, another Prophecy academic, and a young male in a vegetative state.

After freeing the prisoners Dave finds a tunnel behind one of the cells bed as more guards start coming down the stairs. The group gets into the tunnel and descends several feet into the bottom of the floating island where the stronghold lies. Besides open space they also find on a ledge the entrance to a very old structure, the Tomb of Osirik.

Before venturing inside they meet the undead creature they saw at the Singing Forest days ago. According to Torggar it’s called Negoth. With some theatrically Negoth warns them of the danger that lies inside the Tomb. However the group has few options and they decide to accept the challenge.

Once inside the tomb the now paranoid group moves through the entrance corridor with extreme caution and without touching anything. At the end of the corridor a misty archway welcomes them. The group goes through the door and appears in a room with many clothes and rusty weapons.

After equipping Arancon, Gudmundur and Torggar with rusty swords they leave the room and go into a corridor with two doors and a stained glass window. They open one of the doors and find the sculpture of a demon head on one of the walls. The gaping mouth of the demon is the size of a human. Dave, concerned about his secondary role so far in the adventure decides to venture inside it in search of an exit and completely disappears after trespassing the door. Screams start coming out of the mouth and Mara-kai needs to bring a now completely pale Dave back.

The group goes back to the corridor. Ada decides to break part of the stained glass window there where an inviting tunnel lies. They all decide it will be safer than walking around the tomb and go inside. Fenna, the last to enter the tunnel sees a mummy passing by the corridor just seconds after she got inside the tunnel. The whole group reamins really quiet until the mummy turns around and goes away.

The group reaches the end of the tunnel and finds itself back at the entrance corridor. They then get get back to the misty archway. Ada touches the three gems on the archway to change their color to orange and they cross it again. This time they teleport into a room with an empty sarcophagus and several doors. They go through one of the smaller doors just as the main door opens. They follow more corridors and eventually get back to the entrance corridor. They go back to the archway, they change the stones into blue and go through it one more time. The group appears again in the room with the sarcophagus but this time the mummy is there.

After a short fight where they realize that the mummy is too much for them they escape certain death thanks to Benji. The group follows the same door they followed before and get back to the entrance corridor. On the way back Ada decides to take a side corridor and explore by herself. She finds a new room with three doors, a window, another misty archway and a pile of debris. Through the window and several feet away Ada sees another window into a room full of coffins and undead creatures.

Ada gets back to the group and brings them into the new room with the window and misty archway. They then cross this second archway which teleports them into the room full of coffins and undead monsters. As combat begins, they realize the archway has stripped them of all their clothes and weapons.