S05E04 – Kobold Refugees

Oct 6, 2013  – 

When the PCs arrive back to the temple they meet Ada, a female elf, and her wolf, Benji. After realizing they have common interests Ada decides to join Fenna and Dave.

The PCs also learn there that the person who attacked the temple has tricked a powerful earth titan called Gork into attacking the Gromsson clan, one of the two dwarven powers in the nearby mountains. Gork is already heading in that direction and the elf priest informs them of the negative consequences that the other dwarven clan, the Edebor, destroying the Gromsson would have. The PCs decide to go to the mountains to try to prevent a catastrophe and to capture and stop the mysterious dark elf behind all this destruction.

On the next day the PCs have to fight a pack of hungry wolves in the snowy forest. During that night they meet Y’zandhel, Fenna’s druid mentor who informs them that the dark elf’s name is Ururl and that he went mad a few years ago. Now, really old and scared of death, he is trying everything in order to stay alive regardless of its morality. Y’zandhel believes his recent temple desecrations and attacks may be a way of gaining the favors of demonic creatures.

The day after these events the PCs rescue a kobold child that had fallen into a pit full of giant spiders. When they return the kobold to his father, the leader of a kobold tribe that got kicked out of the mountains, they all decide to join forces and go to the mountains together.

Before reaching the entrance to the mountains, however, they stumble upon a chasm they can’t cross because someone has destroyed the rope bridge that once allowed people to cross it . Ada using her acrobatic skills and jumping from tree to tree manages to save the day and allows the group to rebuild the bridge.