S05E11 – Lauranthal’s Wedding

Fenna and Ada get captured but the rest rescues them. The heroes bring Torggar back to the Gromsson fortress but find out that Ururl has escaped.
2014-01-12 – ⁠2023-11-21 finished

The group starts outside the main temple of Arana minutes before the wedding ceremony between Lauranthal and Rilien takes place. Malon approaches Fenna and Ada who were trying to get closer to Lauranthal, thanks them to come to the wedding and wishes them a nice after-party.

As soon as the part of the ceremony that officially makes Lauranthal and Rilien married is over guards start approaching the group from all sides. Ada quietly slips away into the multitude outside the group of honor. Fenna confronts the guards. Lauranthal arrives while she is arguing with them but Lauranthal can’t overturn an order from Malon. Lauranthal feigns fainting to give Fenna the opportunity to escape but she gets capture and is taken to the garrison.

Ada sees Masala beckoning him and goes in his direction pickpocketing here and there. Masala is happy to see her and gives her a key to hide at the temple’s rooftop until the guards go away.

The rest of the group also manages to escape and decide to go to a tavern near the inn hoping to meet Eldil. Once there Gudmundur decides he has had enough adventure and says bye to the group. Eldil eventually finds them and tells them that they need to wait until the night to rescue Fenna because the town is overrun with guards now.

Meanwhile the guards that captured Fenna are interrogating her at the garrison.

And a bit later, at the temple, Masala climbs the stairs to the rooftop and meets Ada. He exhorts Ada to promise him they will live together but Ada is reluctant. After more discussion she leaves a dispirited Masala and goes to the garrison. However she gets stopped by two familiar guards at the gates that separates the nobles district. She tries to get away from them, first with words, later with a kick in the balls but finally desists and is taken to the garrison where she joins Fenna.

Some time later Eldil arrive at the tavern to pick up the group. Before the group leaves Arancon thanks the group for rescuing Tolomar and saving him from the cult and leaves them. The group decides that Torggar is safer away from battle and they send him to the outskirts of the city to wait for the group there.

Eldil, two guards, Dave, Mara-kai and Benji head to the barracks where, after a scrimmage with the guards there, they manage to rescue Fenna and Ada. They hear reinforcements arriving to the garrison and they quickly thank Eldil for his help and they split with Eldil and his guards disappearing through the streets and the group leaving town and picking Torggar on their way.

As they enter The Singing Forest the group decides to go back to the Gromsson fortress where Torggar can glean more details about the meaning of the Prophecy passage instead of directly going to Rar’am.

The group makes a stop at the snowy Happy Fumes because Torggar wants to buy weed. Dave, after being denigrated by the old halfling lady who gave him Gru the last time the group was here, recovers him. Ada buys two ponies from her and buys various kinds of weed for different purposes that the halflings offer him. The halflings are pre-partying to warm up for the great winter holiday and they invite the group to join them for a night.

The next day the group leaves for Gromsson where they arrive without incidents. Once there Dogrin, the Gromsson chieftain, informs them that Ururl has escaped helped by one of the guards. The guard’s wife and kid have been interrogated but they have no idea where they can be.

The group decides to take a few days off at the stronghold to recover and give time to Torggar to unravel the mystery behind the Prophecy and Mara-kai’s father.