S05E06 – Interrupted Ritual

Mara-kai joins the group. The heroes capture the archvillain, put him in prison and head to Arana to decipher a worrying Prophecy passage.
2013-11-06 – ⁠2022-08-11 finished

Vignette fades in.

We are at Rar’am, the remote village where a genasi female named Mara-kai lives. In it her human father suddenly becomes very ill. While Mara-kai is wondering what to do she witnesses a Prophecy passage appearing in a patch of grass in front of her:

A frozen throne

A winter in flames

A time is to come

For innocents to suffer

And for horrible truths to be known

Back to the Gromsson fortress, in the aftermath of the battle, Fenna spots another Prophecy passage being written by an invisible hand over a stone.

Traitors who crave eternity are easily fooled.

Those who can’t die are easily misread.

Soon after that the PCs meet Mara-kai and they all decide to join forces.

Once all the fires in the fortress are put out Dogrin, the Gromsson Dwarf chieftain, bestows upon the PCs several magic items as well as a promise to build them a small wood keep. Dogrin also informs them that Torggar, a resident dwarf runepriest, might be able to help them with the Prophecy passages. However he is currently away on his annual trip to The Singing Forest.

After the ceremony is over the PCs decide to pursue Ururl who is on his way to Alaris, a city in the mountains known for its flying ships.

About half a day of travel later the PCs find Ururl in the middle of a ritual where he is being reprimanded by a demon from another plane. Mara-kai stunts Ururl in the middle of the ritual causing a big explosion and opening a planar rift. A beholder pops out of the rift and starts telekinetically throwing the PCs into a nearby chasm. Meanwhile Ururl awakens and tries to run away but he is no match for Benji who quickly catches up with him. Once the beholder is dealt with and everybody is out of the chasm they bring Ururl to the Gromsson fortress and put him in prison.

The PCs then decide to head to Arana, the elven city where Lauranthal is getting married in a matter of days. Once the wedding the PC’s plan is to find Torggar and have him decipher the two Prophecy passages.

On their way out of the mountain they meet an undead elf lost with his eye cavities lost on a tomb in front of him. Before disappearing he tells the PCs that “It’s too dangerous. A quick death would be more generous”.