S05E05 – The Battle Of Gromsson Fortress

The heroes stop a deceived stone titan, save the leader of the good guys and kill the leader of the bad guys. Archvillain escapes.
2013-10-06 – ⁠2022-08-11 finished
⁠certainty: log ⁠importance: 2

Following the directions of the kobolds the PCs arrive to the Gromsson entrance to the mountains. They arrive just in time to see Ururl arriving to the gate and going inside laughing with the guards who appear to know him. A bit later, while the group is still deciding what to do, a group of dwarves who was hidden near the entrance break their cover by throwing fireballs at the gate and running towards it. The dwarves then disappear inside the mountain and block the entrance by firing fireballs from the inside. Kralak, the kobold leader with the PCs informs them that they are Edebor dwarves. The PCs decide then to go after them and, after a few hours unblocking the entrance, also enter the mountain.

The PCs arrive to the Gromsson fortress shortly after that which is in the middle of a massive attack. The stone titan is destroying everything on its path inside the main citadel which includes throwing in the air any dwarves he comes across. The PCs start attacking one of the bigger Edebor groups attacking the last standing gate into the fortress. After a long and savage battle where more than half of the kobolds die and various PCs fall unconscious the PCs win and get inside the fortress. The remaining kobolds decide to leave the battle at that point.

Once inside the main citadel the PCs approach Gork, the stone titan, and they convince him to stop attacking the Gromsson dwarves and redirect his energy towards the Edebor.

The PCs then go into the main keep and stop Whuror, the Edebor’s chieftain, right before he was going to decapitate Dogrin, the Gromsson’s chieftain. After a grueling battle with Whuror and his personal guards the PCs kill the Edebor and put an end to the battle.