Wildlife Along The Shoreline Trail

Photo gallery of wildlife from the Shoreline Trail in Mountain View.
2012-12-15 – ⁠2022-09-07 finished
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A few days ago we went biking near San Francisco bay, north of Mountain View and Sunnyvale. It was already late November but this part of California has a wonderful weather.

What follows is part of what we saw during that ride.


At least in this area of California there is also a strong culture of health. During the week and on weekends I can see people of all ages and nationalities biking, running, jogging or walking their dogs at any time. It took me a few minutes of patience to get a clear shoot of this part of the trail.


When we first saw this we thought it was a military airport that had seen better days. According to Google Maps this is NASA’s Disaster Assistance Rescue home base.





We saw these and many other types of birds all over the place. Some of them looked like ducks, some of them looked like small vultures and some of them looked like eagles but my bird knowledge is too limited to be more precise than this.




The first year I spent in the US I was blown away by the beauty of fall in the Urbana-Champaign area. Luckily, Mountain View has plenty of trees which make scenes like the one above, on the Google campus, possible.

I wish you all Merry Christmas 2012!

Update Dec 16th: my friend Andre let me know that the birds from the first three bird photos are Canadian geese, they are resident birds, expats from migration flyways which cross CA and that the forth one is a turkey vulture. Thanks Andre!