Bye Bye California, Welcome Switzerland

Announcement of my move to Switzerland.
2015-04-25 – ⁠2022-09-07 finished
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After a bit over two years in the US we have decided to move back to Europe. We feel very grateful for having had the option to live in that fantastic country for so long and we will miss all the friends we made or met again there. Some time ago I wrote about what it is like to live in Silicon Valley for those who are curious.

The area of Zurich, our new home, looked like this when we moved earlier this year:

View of Lake Zürich from atop Üetliberg.
View of Lake Zürich from atop Üetliberg.

Zürich’s Old Town.
Zürich’s Old Town.




Thanks to Google for making this possible, to California for treating us so well and to Switzerland for receiving us. Now on to more adventures!