San Francisco, the Collage City

Last week I was in San Francisco. After New York, which reminded of the Grid from Tron, San Francisco felt like a 3D collage. I will show a few examples of what I mean:

This is how most of San Francisco looks like: hills, low buildings and trees.
Parking your car has never been so fun.
An American style red brick building on the right, a hill at the back, Spanish themed street names, Chinese shops, Indian traffic, Japanese visual pollution.
A business called “Gold Mountain Sagely Monastery” on top of a Bank of America with a temple entrance with a turquoise street lamp holding Southwest Airlines ads across the street until the Floating Sushi shop. Both the Floating Sushi and the Bank entrance match the turquoise color of the street lamps whereas the Gold Mountain and the restaurant on top of the Floating Sushi match the red at the top of the street lamps.
I don't know who the woman is but it felt like there was a demonic sect at the end of that narrow street.
San Franciscans are as harmonious with building facades as I am picking clothes.
One of the areas of San Francisco that becomes more lively at night.
An escape from the surrounding never ending blocks of houses.
Columbus in front of the US flag.
Interesting advice.
In one of the hills they decided to just create a tunnel below ground.
One of the many turquoise and red cable cars that cover the city.

For a minimalist like me it was definitely stepping out of my comfort zone.