S07E03 – The Soothsayer

The heroes recover from the flesh golem attack and then plunder the creepy ziggurat at ease. As part of the loot they get hold of a staff of the python, a silky robe that the mind flayer’s skeleton was wearing when he died and the magic cuffs that kept the monster chained to the floor and caused its death.

Back at the cavern, after playing around with a faulty teleportation gate and, luckily, without major consequences the group receives an unexpected visit. A redheaded dwarf with an eye patch and an impeccable military uniform makes appearance along with his gang of less impeccably dressed thugs. Don Quinn announces that the dwarf, called Zlavoi, is his nemesis and that he’s always trying to snatch the archaeological remnants that are genuinely Don Quinn’s and failing at that. Zlavoi informs them of his demands: he wants the mind flayer’s robe and staff. As could be expected our group of heroes give him the finger, especially Morgun, and charge the thugs. A couple of rounds in and Don Diego and Morgun are unconscious, Morgun’s dragon and Don Quinn worryingly bleeding and Miriel, free from the lack of common sense of his teammates, capitulates and gives Zlavoi what he asks for and saving the party in the process.

A while later, our ashamed heroes leave Ippuk’s cavern complex, find their riders gone and their carts vandalized and grudgingly make their way back to Bluetrail.


Later that day they arrive to their destination and all but Miriel go to take some well deserved rest. The elf prefers to spend some time at The Retired Crocodile Hunter’s inn common area to hear the latest rumors. There she learns that the Iron Shields, an Inquisition-like multi nation peace-keeping force that seeks to eradicate infidels, non-divine magic users and other riff-raff, are in town looking for her. She also finds a kind married and mature man who invites her to spend some time together and escape the boredom of daily life.

The next morning, while buying a hooded robe, Miriel meets a old outcast soothsayer called Eva. The elf asks her if she can find lost people and invites her to meet Don Diego in order to help him find his fiancee and she agrees. Miriel then meets the rest of the group at Don Quinn’s stronghold where the city major thanks them for their help with the Ippuk expedition and promises them with future jobs if they stick around.

Back at the inn the heroes finds the innkeeper, Michael Dundee, and a group of Iron Shields interrogating Eva. The innkeeper shatters all possibilities of avoiding the situation when he spots Miriel and calls her by her name.