S07E01 – Expedition

Jul 2, 2015  – 

Don Quinn, mayor of Bluetrail and a fervid archaeologist, has hired a group of adventurers to protect an expedition to a recently discovered ancient cavern complex.

The party is composed of Don Quinn himself, a female dwarf fighter (Morgun), a female elven rogue (Miriel), a male dwarf cleric (Elijah) with his half-elf warlock protégé (Six), a male human sorcerer (Don Diego) with his esquire (Moncho), a barbarian and four porters.

On their way to the caverns the party stops by a tree with a lizardfolk emblem and a dead rat pinned on it. Miriel decides the rat might come in handy later and collects it.

The caverns turn out to be the home of a ferocious human tribe that lived centuries ago. The place is now falling apart and is being inexorably reclaimed by the swamp surrounding it. After killing two large crocodiles and inspecting a primitive gym decorated with dragon body parts the party reaches the prison. The bad ventilation in the fight-cage-like room has given way to hallucinogenic moss that sends half of the party down memory lane. The barbarian leaves the room with his face covered in tears while the rest of the daydreamers walk blissfully into the adjacent caverns. Don Diego, enchanted by the image of his abducted fiancee, Maria, wakes up in time to stop himself from smooching an anaconda and casts his fire bolt spell. The magic triggers the hidden portcullises in each of the adjacent caverns locking himself and half of the party. The noise wakes up two other anacondas. After a brief but intense fight Miriel learns that her rapier is not an effective snake repellant and Don Diego learns that hallucinogenic moss is highly flammable. With the anacondas dead the group leaves the burning prison as oxygen levels drop below minimum recommended values.