S07 – Characters

Description of the characters that appear in Zhymballa Season 7.
2015-05-20 – ⁠2022-08-11 finished


Don Diego del Cordón: human sorcerer. Delusional and very charismatic. His fiancee disappeared years ago during a night raid where everyone else in his village was killed or kidnapped. However he is convinced that María is still alive. The terrible loss awoke in him wild magic which he now uses to soothe the pain in his heart and to find his love.

Elijah: male dwarf cleric of Heironeous, god of War. His god has been deemed dead for centuries and every clan he has belonged to since he graduated and left the seminar has been unexplainably exterminated. His strong and righteous character is really a mask that few have been able to see through.

Miriel: female elf rogue. Daughter of a wealthy and powerful family. Her curiosity and greed got the best of her and, bored with her unchallenging and easy life at court, she left her previous life behind. She now seeks the thrill of thievery and adventure while trying to survive from the serious mistakes that she may have already done.

Morgun: female dwarf fighter. Everyone in her clan called her crazy. No well-mannered dwarf should dream of riding a dragon and least of all a young child like her. She is going to show them wrong and she’s going to show them that she’s as tough and courageous as anyone else back in her clan.

Six: male half-elf warlock. Prisoner of a powerful extraplanar creature for a decade. Despite his high intelligence the experience turned him aloof, psychotic and paranoid. The only memories he retains are scattered fragments from his captivity.


Don Quinn: major of Bluetrail, the heroes’ hometown. He is the archaeology nut with a wooden leg and an eye patch that hired the heroes to explore the ruins in S07E01.

Footloose: goliath barbarian hired by Don Quinn as a bodyguard for his S07E01 expedition.

We will keep updating this page as new characters make their appearance.