S06E07 – Curing the Cursed Soil

May 3, 2014  – 

Once outside of the underground caverns Albrecht finds out that carrying the Wand of Koyss has aged him two decades. Caelynna finds him even more irresistible.

The heroes arrive to Rar’am and spend a few days healing Mara-kai’s father and a few other townsfolk afflicted by the Wand’s curse. Hammer, Rar’am’s warforged major, invites the group to a thank you dinner but the day before that Baldur is found dead. Fenna’s autopsy points to poison as the cause of death. After burying him a little leprechaun riding a dove crash-lands on top of Baldur’s tomb and conveys a message from Gudmundur. He exhorts the heroes to visit him in his hometown up in the north to discuss recent discoveries regarding The Prophecy.


The group eventually attends Hammer’s dinner invitation at his villa. Among the multiple military ornaments and warforged memorabilia Ada finds a hidden trap door but is unable to investigate further.

When Mara-kai arrives home that night she finds out that during dinner Rupert sneaked into her house, stole the helmet that held the Clockwork Head throne room up and disappeared into the night. At the temple of Pelor, Caelynna makes futile sexual approaches to Albrecht while he is standing watch over the remaining townsfolk that needs to be healed. And at the forest outside of Rar’am, where she is spending the night, Fenna spots the shadar-kai witch who captured Dave.