S04E08 – The Cult Of The Snake

The heroes get back to the Oasis of Zurk, find out about an upcoming sacrifice, and try to stop it starting a violent fight with the cultists.
2010-10-17 – ⁠2022-09-08 finished

After the group finished with the bandits they continued their trip back to the oasis of Zurk. There as they were approaching the Lower Gates they met a group of volunteers led by a few cultists that was on its way towards the city of Kargavan. Feral spotted a known face among them, Thelula, the freak who some time ago helped him escape from the freak circus. Feral and the rest of the group convinced her not to go with the cultists and she was told to wait with the rest of the caravan while the group took care of some business.

The group then went to Zurk’s house were a still cooperative butler followed them on their way to the Cult of the Snake’s headquarters a few streets down the canyon. After some time discussing the best strategy to follow Homa and Zandor went to the rooftop where a very handy skylight allowed them to peek into the second level rooms. In one of them Shona and some unfamiliar faces were discussing about that night’s offering to their goddess. After the scene ended the group entered, not without issues, into one of the rooms by climbing up one of the headquarters’ walls. After sneaking around the house, gauging how many people were in the building and killing the few unfortunate ones that crossed their way into crates the group then went into the bigger building next to the headquarters.

In that second building built into the face of the canyon they saw what originally was a storage house but was now a cult nest full of red curtains, mysterious chants in the background and what looked like a sacrificial altar at the back. They wandered around and finally hid inside a funny looking cart with circular doors. At midnight the group confirmed that a sacrifice was going to take place and they left their hideout as they overheard Silver Heart being dragged around in the direction of the altar. Moha went in search of the butler as the evidence was being chained to the altar. Regrettably the cultists that had gathered inside the storage house saw them and a violent fight ensued. Most of the cultists quickly fell but the few enemies that stood up, including two dangerously big snakes, proved to be much more resilient enemies almost bringing the life of Bruce and Feral to and end.