S04E07 – Skin-Like-Peaches

The heroes visit Tales’s tribal village, gather information about the Cult of the Snake, and fight off a large group of cultists.
2010-09-25 – ⁠2022-08-27 finished

Right before the group left the village Zurk’s butler and a female halfling approached them. The halfling, called Homa, was also interested in infiltrating the Cult of the Snake’s headquarters and she had some valuable information about that and wanted to join the group. With that new member on board they left the oasis and headed towards Tales’ tribe. In their way there they fought a trio of shadowhunter bats over a rope bridge. Besides a battle that included flying spirit companions, Pythagorean geometry and bats being pinned down in the air by Feral, Silver Heart’s camel fall into the chasm. Strangely enough the halfling didn’t faint at the sight of blood during this battle.


After the bats were killed the group continued its journey and, a few hours later they arrived to Tales’ hidden village. After Tales had a blushing encounter with Skin-Like-Peaches, a woman from the tribe infatuated with him the group went to talk with Beard-Who-Speaks, the tribe’s master shaman. He told them more details about what the Cult of the Snake was up to. In the past the Cult of the Snake and six desert tribes worked together to imprison a powerful demon. Now the Cult of the Snake wanted to control that demon and use its power against the other main cults. Beard gave Tales instructions on how to destroy the demon now that he had been weakened by years of boredom and he also gave him the tribe’s totem which was what Shona and the Cult were currently pursuing. He asked Tales and the adventuring group to end all of this nonsense by going to the Ancient City of Kargavan where the demon is sealed and the cult is excavating and to end it forever.

After the group left Beard’s house they noticed that Silver Heart was missing. They expected the worst but decided to enjoy the banquet that the tribe was preparing for them. Once they had a good nap and their stomachs full they left the tribe and started their trip back to the oasis of Zurk. On their way back they fought a terrible battle against the cult on the same rope bridge they crossed the day before. The leader of that group, a female doppleganger that had assumed the aspect of Silver Heart, was pushed into the chasm by Zandor’s phantom bolt. Another twenty or so cultists fought and died at that bridge which was among other things, covered by grease, stormed without mercy by Zandor’s fire powers, shurikened to death by Homa and sneakily attacked by the rest of the group.