S04E06 – The Oasis Of Zurk

The heroes defeat the goblins trying to free the captive beast. They then arrive to the Oasis of Zurk where they accept a mission from its leader to kick the Cult of the Snake out of the oasis.
2010-09-18 – ⁠2022-08-12 finished

A flashback transported the attention to Bane’s group a few days ago while they were in the middle of the desert. Injured and with most of the group wiped out by continuous attacks from the Followers of Niggurath the group was attacked one more time. Only Bane survived.

Back to the prison the group was finally able to defeat the group of goblins and the swarm of bats who was desperately trying to free Belezzar, the monster that Bane was keeping in custody. However they failed to spot the goblin leader managing to throw a mysterious pendant in the inside of the cell. While Tales was looting that goblin’s body he realized what had happend and let everybody know that any other place in a radius of 50km would be safer than staying there. With an evident lack of curiosity the group lef the prison, picked the goblin bodies to loot them peacefully later and ran away. Bane and his clan’s reinforcements which just arrived managed to guide the now-free demonic beast out of the Oasis. Nobody knows what happened to either the revenants or the daemon after that.

The next morning the group started its journey towards the Oasis of Zurk, their next stop which was also located in the big chasm characteristic of the Red Sea. As they approached it some conversation ensued. Feral wanted to know more about the little gnome girls and why they were being searched for, Khairon didn’t show excessive interest in the beer feast that the 3 githerai monks were looking forward to in the next oasis based on Hadi’s comments and Tales and Bruce started playing spy in the middle of the desert.

Once they arrived to the oasis Khairon faced a discussion between Zurk and a member of the Cult of the Snake while the rest of the group went shopping. They also came to know that the Cult of the Snake were recruiting people for an archaeological excavation in a settlement near Tenari.

That evening the group invited themselves to a dinner with Zurk involving well-cooked bats from the Chasm. There they agreed to work together with Zurk in order to find an excuse to kick the Cult of the Snake out of the oasis. They then went to the old dwarven blacksmith with whom Hadi, the 3 githerai monks, Feral and Zandor were having a men’s only night involving copious amounts of beer. They needed to ask the blacksmith for information about the Cult of the Snake’s headquarter. However after gathering such information and planning how to infiltrate there Tales felt something and the group decided to first go visit his tribe to make sure everything is fine and then later try to find evidence of the evildoing of the cult. The group picked some camels, arranged with Hadi for the caravan to wait for them for 4 days and, with a passed out Zandor and Silver Heart the fainting halfling admitted to the party the group ventured outside of the Oasis towards Tales tribe’s settlement.