S04E04 – The Lichen

The heroes fight off a monstruous two-headed crocodile, and bring the lichen to the caravan’s shaman who prepares a cure for Hadj. Now fully healed, Hadj brings the caravan to the Oasis of Amja where they rest and enjoy a big party.
2010-09-01 – ⁠2022-08-24 finished

After finally refusing to give Shona the name of Tales’ tribe Bruce managed to convince her to be the first approaching the water surface. Shona saw lichen but she was out of his reach and Tales and his spear went to the rescue. As soon as they touched the surface a monstruous crocodile with two heads flashed towards them. After the first round Shona betrayed the group by firing a lightning bolt towards the stairs destroying part of it and leaving her and Zandor on the upper side and the rest of the group and the crocodile on the lower side. In the subsequent rounds Zandor managed to keep Shona from escaping by using a combination of ghost projectiles and grease while the rest of the group frantically fought the savage crocodile who insisted on taking bites on them. After a few more rounds Zandor managed to push Shona off the stairs and down into the water where she promptly started diving. A few seconds later the group killed the crocodile and beheaded it. Regrettably for the group Shona used this opportunity to escape through the underwater river and when the group tried to get her it was already too late.

The lichen.
The lichen.

After bringing the lichen to the old lady to prepare the antidote for Hadi and healing him the group went to bed. Something awakened Tales that night and as he woke up in the middle of the night he saw someone going away from him and crouching among the caravan members. Further investigation didn’t throw any light and they all went back to bed.

The next morning Hadi felt completely well and after packing everything the caravan left the temple and headed towards their next stop: the Oasis of Amja, a tiefling friend of Hadi known for its many parties and funky citadel. The group was invited to a party the night of their arrival and while Khairon and Tales set up a first aid samaritan stand in the resting place for caravans the rest of the group went inside the citadel for some partying. Feral lost all his money in two rounds of combat against a savage orc that offered all his money to whoever won against him on a one on one. However Feral later regained part of what he lost after winning a drinking competition by drinking 6 pints of strong beer straight. While Feral was endulging in some alcoholic induced happiness the rest of the group gathered information while something interesting started developing outside in the caravan area…