S04E03 – The Temple Of Unbroken Silence

A caravan merchant gets killed by an unknown murderer. Later, the caravan reaches the Temple of Unbroken Silence where the heroes expect to find the lichen they need.
2010-08-27 – ⁠2022-08-12 finished

After discovering the brutally killed human merchant from the caravan near where it had its camp the group tried to find the culprit. After heated debate and after discovering a pair of tracks coming from where the caravan was standing they brought the old lady and Shona to the crime scene not before slightly altering it to see both of the women’s reaction. The old lady pointed out that it looked like a Cult of the Snake ritual but Shona didn’t reply and the mistery continued unveiled.

The next morning a coming storm greeted them. Tales determined that it would be safer to try to reach the temple instead of trying to get cover in the open. Luckily they managed to get rid of some jackals that were harassing them trying to make get caught in the storm and they arrived to the temple in time to get cover.

After leaving the caravan at the entrance of the Temple of Unbroken Silence they managed to pass through a corridor full of pendulum scythes. Shona and the little cannibal halfling followed them however the halfling had to be rescued by Feral because he got hit by the scythes and subsequently fainted at the sight of blood.

After inspecting the first floors of the underground temple and seeing some visions they reached the bottom floor fully inundated of water. They now have the water with the desired lichen in front of them but the whole temple is impregnated with a suffocating silence and it feels like the walls are vigilantly looking at them discussing wether or not to give Shona the piece of information she’s asking them for.