S04E02 - Followed

Aug 11, 2010  – 

A day after the halfling clan attacked the caravan, as the sun rose, a tiefling cleric coming from Al-aman approached and subsequently joined the caravan. The group didn’t have a problem letting him in and the rest of the day passed without any incident as they travelled towards their new destination, the northern cursed temple. During that night someone seemed to be spying on the caravan but they flew before the group could see them. On the second day the kids started playing tag early in the morning in the dunes and they got lost. Luckily the group was able to quickly track them and continue the journey without delay. That night the mysterious spy approached the caravan again but they were also frightened away by the vigilant group. On the third day the caravan arrived to a big chasm surrounded by cliffs. And old bridge allowed them to overcome the chasm but not before almost making Feral fall to the bottom as he courageously guided the camels through it. The caravan prepared an ambush at that same bridge to try to catch whoever was following them but they were not careful enough. That night however they setup another ambush in the rocky area where they chose to set their campament. When later during the night a group of eight human bandits attacked the decoy they had setup the group surrounded bandits and killed them all taking no prisoners.

The chasm.
The chasm.

According to Tales’s estimates less than a day separates them from the temple, enough time to save Hadi from its lethal illness.

Random notes

  • The cannibal halfling that travels with the caravan faints when he sees blood. They discovered that in the middle of the bandit assault.
  • Bruce didn’t feel too well that day and preferred to stay in the background.
  • Feral is showing the githerai monks lots of love.
  • Tales’s fennec is proving to be a very useful ally at night.