S04E01 - Caravan Through The Red Sea

The heroes, hired to guard a caravan as it traverses the treacherous Red Sea desert, fight off a clan of cannibal halflings. A few days later, one of the caravan members falls ill, poisoned.
2010-08-08 – ⁠2022-08-27 finished

Bruce, Feral, Tales and Zandor started their adventures as mercenaries in charge of protecting a caravan that would get them from Al-aman to Tenari across the Red Sea, a desert known for its enormous sandstorms.

After meeting each other and exchanging a few words with members of the caravan they started their journey. On the first night Hadi, the caravan leader organized a small dinner party to socialize and to try to get everybody a little bit closer together. That night and the next two days went by without any incident. However during the third day, as the caravan crossed a labyrinthic area surrounded by eroded walls a clan of fiery cannibal halflings ambushed them. Besides their natural hunger the clan were angry with Feral because he killed the brother of the clan leader the night before in a bar crawl that started when someone stepped onto someone else’s toes. After a strenous battle between the group, the four other mercenaries hired to defend the caravan with them and the halflings the group won forcing few halflings that remained alive to run for their lives and capturing, and later on killing, the tribe leader.

The Red Sea desert.
The Red Sea desert.

One day later, as the group was waking up someone noticed that Hadi was very ill and unconscious. An old woman part of the caravan examined Hadi and concluded that he had been poisoned by a powerful venom and his life was in danger. She could prepare an antidote if she managed to get some lichen. The group decided to search for that lichen in a nearby cursed temple that Tales had heard about in the past. Before changing their direction towards that temple they first checked everybody in the caravan to search for clues as to who might have poisoned Hadi and why.