S04 – Characters

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Currently a male revenant, deva in his previous life. He belongs to a revenant clan whose purpose is to kill invading monsters from other planes like the Abyss and the Elemental Chaos. He was last seen in the Oasis of Zurk after failing to keep the demon Belezzar imprisoned. He was however very thankful to the group for their help.

He is very tall, he doesn’t seem to take anything personal and his slow pace talking unnerves Tales. He also has shared a troubling hobby of sadistically putting an end to the life of the demons he catches as he hums happily.



Bruce is a female half elf battlemind who escaped the rigid and artificial life with her wealthy family. She was raised as a boy in a family after 4 failed attemps by his parents to have a boy. However after several years her parents managed to get a boy and therefore tried to force Bruce to behave like a woman from that moment on. Bruce did not want to accept that and took on adventuring.



Feral is a Razorclaw shifter originally from a forest region, but he and all his clan were hunted down by a vicious Warlord who blamed the Shifter’s for his daughter’s death. She was in fact killed by wolves but the Warlord was too blind to see that. Alone of all his clan, Feral escaped but was later trapped by a slaver and sold to a travelling circus as a freakshow act. The evil ringmaster would taunt Feral in his cage, bringing out his Razorclaw shift and charging people for the view. At the last town/city that the show was in, Feral was helped escape by one of the other freaks. He tore out the ringmaster’s throat, and knowing that he had to get out of town quickly, he signed on with the caravan as a guard. Some day he plans to get his revenge on the Warlord who wiped out his clan.

Feral’s catchphrase: “Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”



A tiefling cleric in his late 30s with greying hair. He’s generally good natured and not ashamed of who he is. Helpful and resourceful. Worships some obscure neutral deity that doesn’t really care who its worshipers are; Khairon sees this as a business arrangement rather than blind faith. Good cook and loves the bottle. But there’s something dark hovering around him and unimaginable pain behind his eyes.

On the flip side he has a short fuse and can become cruel and sadistic to his enemies. In fact he much prefers to torture his victims rather than kill them. He does not see them as sentient creatures – which helps. Has truckloads of anger and he takes it out on anyone who crosses him. Spent almost 9 days killing his former master after he found out the man was far from holy and in fact raped and robbed his flock in the guise of his god’s duties.


Female drow member of the Cult of the Snake. She dislikes the adventurer’s group and has promised vengeance, more specifically by eradicating Wijbren’s clan once she manages where they are. The last time she was seen she was diving in the Temple of Unbroken Silence escaping from the players.

She is upfront about her cult and doesn’t hesitate using her female attributes to achieve her objectives.



Tales’ spirit companion.
Tales’ spirit companion.

‘Tales’ for short is a human shaman who wanders around with a spirit companion. Most of his powers are focused on supporting, protecting and healing other people.

He is a member of one of the tribes roaming the Red Sea desert. When Caravan through the Red Sea started he was just on his way back from a Hadj, a pilgrimage, to a place where shamans of different tribes meet to tell each other the stories of the heroes of their tribes, so that all can remember them.

Appearance: covered in tattoos of writing; he is a walking book of the stories of his tribe’s past.



Zandor is an eladrin wizard. He started his adventuring life with an old man that initially looked like a powerful wizard. However Zandor would soon discover that behind that old mysterious man who never wanted to talk about magic there was little of real magic.


The Read Sea

The Red Sea is a desert best known for its harsh temperatures, a chasm of several dozens meters wide that crosses the desert and its red sandstorms. There are two areas of relevance: the cursed lands in the North and the lands of the Slave King in the South. Trade caravans abound, the ones shown are the ones that the adventurer group is passing through in its current adventure: “Caravan through the Red Sea”.