The Fugitive

Review of the movie The Fugitive (1993).
2016-05-31 – ⁠2022-09-11 finishedSource published on: 1993 ★★

What if a doctor who has been wrongly accused of killing his wife and sentenced to death escapes from prison?


What I liked the most of this movie are the main characters: Harrison Ford as Dr Richard Kimble and Tommy Lee Jones as Samuel Gerard, the US Marshal who is tracking him down. Richard is trying to figure out who killed his wife. He doesn’t care going being so close to the police and he cannot help but save lives when the opportunity arises. Meanwhile Samuel is giving all he has to catching Richard. He is rough and he is also the epitome of rationality: although his primary goal is to catch Kimble he doesn’t let that stop his skepticism and the questions that start appearing in his head.

**Spoiler alert**

The other thing I liked about the movie is its tension: if you empathize with Robert you literally feel that you’re being hunted all the time. The symbolism is also everywhere: Richard is a doctor saving lives who is accused of killing his wife. The murder is actually missing an arm. Richard risks his life and his freedom multiple times trying to save other people like the cop at the beginning and the kid at the hospital.

So, what did this movie tell me about life? Society isn’t always just, sometimes you have to break the law if you want to have justice.