St Stephen’s Green Photowalk

Photo gallery of St Stephen’s Green Park, Dublin.
2010-10-28 – ⁠2023-11-21 finished

St Stephen’s Green is one of the nicest parks that I know about in Dublin. On a sunny day some weeks ago I decided to arrange a photowalk in it with another photography lover. Here is what we ended up with:



I had been once to Ireland several years ago but the only thing that I can clearly remember from that one month trip was the grass. Even in the middle of Dublin it’s easy to see it. The grass in addition to strong trees and a mix of different avian creatures are a trademark of this and other Dublin parks.


Both this one and the next photo were taken by my companion.
Both this one and the next photo were taken by my companion.



But this is Dublin. Five minutes later we saw a celestial shower quickly approaching and we had to get the hell out of the park and get cover in a museum. Ten minutes later the city was under heavy water artillery and remained in the shades for the rest of the day.