Spider-Man - Across the Spider-Verse (2023)

Source published on: 2023 ★★★

Miles Morales, aka Spiderman, pisses off The Spot, an enemy who can travel through parallel universes (the Spiderverse), and has to stop him from killing his dad. To do that he joins forces with other Spidermen and women from various dimensions including but not limited to: a pregnant Spiderwoman, a punk Spiderman, an Indian Spiderman (who lives in Mumbattan), Peter Parker and his toddler. Miles also has to escape from the boss of the Spidermen HQ, a vampiric Spiderman who doesn’t want Miles to save his dad because it just has to happen, it’s destiny.

Entertaining but without the amazing art and the humor I wouldn’t have finished it.

What did I like the most?

The movie is visually even more stunning than the first one, Into the Spider-Verse. It feels like you are watching a comic in motion.

The movie’s humor is also fantastic. I laughed constantly at both the nerdy and non-nerdy jokes.

It’s a tie between humor and artistic style.

What did I like the least?

The movie doesn’t have an ending. It’s as if you were having sex for two and a half hours, and as you finally are about to climax, they forced you to stop. Who thought that was a good idea?

Besides that, the movie dedicates a lot of screen time to teenager-parent drama which bored me.


  • Sin City: another comic adaptation with a unique style (real life characters).
  • Song of the Sea, The Red Turtle, Hayao Miyazaki movies: animation movies with unique styles.
  • The Minions: humor intensity.