Zhymballa Season 6 (2014)

S06E23 – The Frozen Throne

After crossing the gate our heroes postpone the annoying question of how to kill the demon they are looking for and start exploring the dwarven mines. Hours later they reach a temple of Dumathoin, a dwarven deity. While the sane members of the group wait outside Ada takes hold of the keg of gunpowder and a treasure chest waking up the creature guarding them: a stone golem in the shape of a wagon with brawny limbs and an angry Dumathoin head.

S06E22 – The Glacier

The group survives the white dragons, meets Ada’s mom and Dave’s true self and finds the dwarven mines.

S06E21 – The Ice Kingdoms

The heroes explore the Ice Kingdoms and head towards the mines that hold the demon.

S06E20 – Resurrection

The heroes make a pact with Zabha, revive Albrecht and arrive to the Ice Kingdoms.

S06E19 – A Macabre Zoo

The group escapes the deadly valley after fighting zombie sharks, poisonous snakes and evading rolling boulders at Arren’s zoo.

S06E18 – Rahmulaag

The group suffers a terrible loss amidst undead triceratops, water weirds and a black shadow dragon.

S06E17 – Louis Lemerre And Braga Clift

The heroes track down the two cultists they were after but they all end up in an eerie valley in the Shadowfell.

S06E16 – Crockport

The heroes survive the typhoon and reach Crockport. There Albrecht finds a way to recover the two decades that the Wand of Koyss stole from him.

S06E15 – Typhoon

A typhoon forces the heroes’ airship to land near an atoll in the middle of the ocean. A gang of sirens nearly drowns the whole group.

S06E14 – Dave Is Free

The heroes rescue Dave, plunder Olga’s dungeon in the middle of a scuffle between slave lord factions and leave Zoqoi in the middle of the night.

S06E13 – Olga’S Sex Dungeon

While looking for Dave inside Olga’s sex dungeon the heroes face pain devils, dominatrixes and a scary gore chain devil.

S06E12 – Filthy Guardians

The heroes find their way to Olga’s dungeon through the city sewers despite its inhabitants.

S06E11 – Reasoning With Slavers

The heroes arrive to Zoqoi but Olga the Depraved is too fond of Dave to let him go. The group, then, plans a rescue mission.

S06E10 – The Raunchy Buccaneers

A group of nudist hippy pirates provides some in-flight entertainment. However, with the help of their new 700lb bard friend, the heroes fight them off.

S06E09 – Sahyeh’S Good Night Kiss

The heroes find out that Dave was sold as a slave in Zoqoi. On their way to Barkinon they also find out that a swarm of warforged is looking for them.

S06E08 – The Angels Attack Rar’Am

A squad of angels rips open the sky and set Rar’am on fire. The heroes repel the attack and save Hammer’s life.

S06E07 – Curing The Soil Cursed

The heroes heal Mara-kai’s father but the wand has aged Albrecht two decades. Meanwhile danger is knocking on several doors.

S06E06 – Impaled

Ururl becomes shish kebab, the heroes escape the crumbling tower and take on a ten days long underground trip with no food.

S06E05 – Breeding Grounds

The heroes face swarms of warforged, a submerged corridor and a scorpion-tailed automaton as they progress through the tower dungeons.

S06E04 – A Valley Of Deranged Warforged

The heroes cross a warforged infested swamp and arrive to the Clockwork Head. They are not, however, the only ones trying to get in.

S06E03 – The Desolation Desert

The heroes say bye to the Gerico and enter the Desolation Desert where a capricious sandstorm forces them to face a pack of ravenous zombies.

S06E02 – Aboard The Gerico

The heroes are flying across Zhymballa towards the Clockwork Head when a suicidal heartbroken noblewoman forces them to crash-land.

S06E01 – Alaris

After the holidays the heroes travel to the cityport of Alaris in search of a wand to save Mara-kai’s father. However a terrible calamity awaits them.

S06 – Characters

Description of the characters that appear in Zhymballa Season 6.