D&D Campaign Season 6 (2014)

S06E03 – The Desolation Desert

The group aboard the Gerico arrives to Zoqoi, a town ruled by slavers. Gravel and Brook get off the Gerico and Cathreen, an angry female elf that turns out to be Geri’s fiancee, gets on board. Before leaving the city a belligerent group of slavers approaches the Gerico and threatens to sink it because they were waiting for the peasants family that got off at the previous stop, Malel. The group convinces them to not sink the boat by paying them a considerable amount of money and by making Geri promise them that the slavers will get 3 more slaves when the Gerico gets back to Zoqoi.

S06E02 – Aboard the Gerico

The group is leaving Alaris aboard the Gerico in the middle of a violent snowstorm. The group is headed towards Barkinon, a city located in a remote continent. Dave, captured by the shadar-kai gang that the group just escaped from, has been left behind. As the ship sails through Zhymballa various passengers get on and off the Gerico: a peasant family sold into slavery and en-route to their new owner; Gravel, a revenant mercenary who is searching for whoever brought him back to life; Caylenna, one of Malon’s sisters, who caught her husband cheating on her and whose sons are involved in a plot to kill her; and Brook, an old shifter who lives on the thrill of increasingly challenging endurance trials.

S06E01 – Alaris

The group is spending the last days of the year at the Gromsson Fortress recovering from their last adventures and celebrating Yule with their dwarven friends. There they learn how to cook Gromsson sausage rolls and they meet their old friend Kralak and his kobold tribe at their new home. Meanwhile Ururl and Baldur are wandering through the desert, lost and without any water or food left. They are desperate and tension is running high.

S06E – Characters

NPCs Akachi: seclusive savannah druid so powerful he has his own demiplane. A sphinx guards those who seek him. Asura: Baldur: Gromsson dwarf who helped Ururl escape from prison while at the Gromsson Fortress. Belden: Benji: white wolf. Used to be Ada’s pet. Big Rex: nudist dwarf leader of the Raunchy Buccaneers. Braga Clift: demon cultist, lieutenant of Zabha. Escaped Crockport along with Louis Lemerre. Brulius Magnolius: old construction worker who lost his sanity after a protracted job at Olga’s dungeon.