D&D Campaign Log S9 (2024)


S09E06 – Alligators, toxic gasses, and traps

The heroes delve into a dungeon, defended by alligators, and filled with traps, at the edge of a mountain. — 2024-02-11

S09E05 – Fort Beluarian

The heroes arrive at Fort Beluarian, gather information, fleece guards, and take on a mission to eradicate a nearby surge of ghouls. Already on their way, they find a ghost village populated by skeletons. — 2024-02-10

S09E04 – The Grung and the Baby

The heroes say bye to the grung, rescue a baby from a terrifying sea hag, and reach Fort Beluarian. — 2024-01-26

S09E03 – Into the Jungle

Carnivore joins the heroes. They then enter the jungle, encounter a 13-meter-long constrictor snake but skilfully prevent any bloodshed, and rescue a frog-like humanoid from three hungry giant lizards. — 2024-01-10

S09E02 – Revenge

Avilos joins the group, the heroes thwart Carnivore’s ambush and gather supplies and info. — 2024-01-09

S09E01 – Dinosaur race

The heroes start their adventure winning a dinosaur race in Port Nyanzaru (Na Pali), earning a free jungle guide, and saving an eccentric druid from a group of undead. — 2024-01-01