D&D Campaign Log S9 (2024)


S09E13 - Big T and the Stone Golem

The heroes kill an undead Tyrannosaurus Rex and get stuck on the Monkey Bridge fighting a stone golem. — 2024-05-19

S09E12 - Sex in the City

After arriving back in Port Nyanzaru, the heroes return the sailing ship to its owner and go to Salida’s house. Their goal is to leave Port Nyanzaru quickly to continue their search for the cursed artifact, the missing druid from Ellie’s order, and Sophi’s orphanage sister. And while they’re at it, help Avilos craft amazing songs and help Mao find and fix her broken ship. When they arrive at Salida’s house, she’s not there. — 2024-05-12

S09E11 - Hot Potato

The heroes recover the orb from the sea floor, reach Port Nyanzaru, take a boat, and drop the orb back into the sea. — 2024-05-12

S09E10 - Safely Afloat 200m Away

The heroes steal Rupert’s backpack and the orb, escape from the now out of control undead army, but end up losing the orb in the quiet of the night. — 2024-05-11

S09E09 - Chasing the Undead Army

The heroes arrive to a razed Fort Beluarian, save the lives of Gruta and Shilau, and find ankylosauruses willing to be mounts. The heroes then rescue the missing and confused Carnivore, and catch up with the undead army. — 2024-03-24

S09E08 – Mountain Explosions and Interrogations

The heroes meet the dungeon owner, destroy the warforged monster, and realize they’ve released an undead army. Salida gets caught spying on the group, and the unforgiving heroes promptly interrogate her, without her consent. — 2024-03-17

S09E07 – A Tricky Wooden Door

The heroes figure out the trick to the wooden door at the end of the jungle dungeon. — 2024-03-16

S09E06 – Alligators, Toxic Gasses, and Traps

The heroes delve into a dungeon, defended by alligators, and filled with traps, at the edge of a mountain. — 2024-02-11

S09E05 – Fort Beluarian

The heroes arrive at Fort Beluarian, gather information, fleece guards, and take on a mission to eradicate a nearby surge of ghouls. Already on their way, they find a ghost village populated by skeletons. — 2024-02-10

S09E04 – The Grung and the Baby

The heroes say bye to the grung, rescue a baby from a terrifying sea hag, and reach Fort Beluarian. — 2024-01-26

S09E03 – Into the Jungle

Carnivore joins the heroes. They then enter the jungle, encounter a 13-meter-long constrictor snake but skilfully prevent any bloodshed, and rescue a frog-like humanoid from three hungry giant lizards. — 2024-01-10

S09E02 – Revenge

Avilos joins the group, the heroes thwart Carnivore’s ambush and gather supplies and info. — 2024-01-09

S09E01 – Dinosaur Race

The heroes start their adventure winning a dinosaur race in Port Nyanzaru (Na Pali), earning a free jungle guide, and saving an eccentric druid from a group of undead. — 2024-01-01