Andorra (2020 - present)

Notes about my life in Andorra, where I've been living since 2020.


Hiking to Coll d'Arenes

Report of a hike from Arans to Coll d’Arenes and Casamanya. Black sand, golden grass, vultures, deers, and chamois, deliberate practice, intuition, checklists, and seeing reality as it is. 17.3 km long, 1,410 m ascent, 17% slope, 6h 40m.

Hiking to Étangs De Fontargente

Report of a hike from the road of Vall d’Incles in Andorra to the lakes of Fontargente in France. 8.1 km long, 508 m ascent, 12% slope, 3h 40m. Life in Russia, over-population, and Dyson spheres.