New York

Manhattan as I see it from my apartment.
Manhattan as I see it from my apartment.

I am writing these lines sitting on my bed after the first few hours in New York where I will be staying for a few days.

After living in Dublin for some time the noise and pollution of New York were one of the first things I noticed. But that was after I spotted the beautiful skyline of the city. A few fresh impressions follow:

  • The bright yellow cabs everywhere. And they all look like they were painted yesterday.
  • The idea that at any moment I will start seeing guns and people shooting at each other doesn’t leave me.
  • The NYPD (New York Police Department) cars every few streets.
  • The abundance of south americans and asians.
  • The American accent.
  • The huge organic foods shop across the street from where I am staying.
  • The woman who randomly started talking to me as if she knew me from a long time ago while I was in the queue at the previous shop.
  • The emergency stairs on the back of the buildings that look like in the movies. Where is Spiderman?
  • The two old women that looked at me from the street while I was eatching a burrito at Chipotle. They pointed to me, then to my burrito and then they made a gesture of “it’s delicious, right?” while smiling from ear to ear. I agreed with a smile and they left.
  • Small and big shops everywhere. I almost bought a lot of things.
  • The unexpected image of a very old detectives computer game that I played on my Apple II coming to my mind. I think it was the first time I saw the characteristic shape and features of buildings here. It was black and white, with only still images but it definitely captured the essence.
  • The place I am staying has 15 floors and it’s not a specially tall one.

I end the post with a few more photos: