When will VNRX's first positive Net Income quarter results be published?
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When will VNRX's first positive Net Income quarter results be published?

Jun 1, 2022 - 18:08

Management said on May 13, 2022 that they expect to break even “in the next 2 years” [1]. Commercialization of the Vet Cancer Screening test through Heska can start “as early as late 2022” [2]. NETs product will start selling in 2022 in Europe and the US [1]. Mgmt also says that NETs opportunity is 2x-3x that of Vet, and they’re working on human cancer detection and monitoring too with a TAM bigger than NETs. VNRX also said that they don’t own manufacturing, they outsource that to, I assume, a company who is already manufacturing similar products and can therefore scale quickly.

  • <=2023: all stars align, Vet and NETs sell better than expected, no major disasters (new deadly covid variant, nuclear war, etc), good luck.
  • 2024: things go as currently planned, which, hopefully, means that the prediction takes into account past setbacks and delays.
  • 2025: major setbacks but nothing like covid and 2020
  • >=2026: deadly covid variant, nuclear war, company gets sued into bankruptcy

I assigned probabilities based on the principle that “things always take longer than anticipated” and also based on VNRX’s mgmt past prediction accuracy.

[1] https://volition.com/resources/press-room/video-gallery/capital-markets-day-2022 Minute 05:16. [2] https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/volition-signs-exclusive-28-million-license-and-supply-agreement-with-heska-corporation-to-distribute-nuq-vet-cancer-screening-test-at-the-point-of-care-301512651.html