S06E12 – Filthy Guardians

After gathering vital information about Olga’s dungeon the heroes leave Kamal and Ashura in charge of Sahyeh back at the inn and head to the sewers. Once there they meet a group of lethally wounded scavenging wererats. Albrecht and Fenna heal them and then the wererats recount how they barely made it alive of a skirmish with “dangerous sewer monsters full of tentacles”. Despite the warnings the group leaves the wererats behind and push forward into the dungeon.

S06E11 – Reasoning With Slavers

After landing in Zoqoi Ada finds out that Zormack, an old enemy of hers who owned a rare creatures circus, is in town organizing a series of events at the local colosseum where innocent creatures are being pitted against each other. The rest of the group stops Ada from exercising revenge on the spot and, after accepting Pilialoha’s request to join them and after following Fenna’s suggestion of securing a vessel, the group heads towards Olga’s villa with one goal in mind: freeing Dave.

S06E10 – The Raunchy Buccaneers

The heroes board the Lucius Enterprises and cast off towards Zoqoi. Aboard the ship is Pilialoha, a seven hundred pounds joyful human bard who insists that music is in the fabric of the universe. One day during the fly, while Fenna is cleaning up the ponies’ poo inside the hold she finds a stowaway. Gravel, the revenant they met weeks ago, is planning on infiltrating Olga’s dungeon in search of a particular slave who may know something about the circumstances surrounding Gravel’s resurrection from the dead.

S06E09 – Sahyeh’s Good Night Kiss

After Hammer is brought back to life the group starts interrogating the poor soul about the angels and Hamer’s past. Meanwhile Ada sneaks into Hammer’s villa irresistible tempted to open the hidden door she found earlier but a servant finds her and brings her outside. While the interrogation continues a bored Ada meets Negoth and exchanges the Wand of Koyss for an amulet as they had previously agreed. With the recent attack so close and the shadar-kai roaming around the group resolves to sleep together at Mara-kai’s house that night.

S06E08 – The Angels Attack Rar’am

Fenna returns to town to wake her friends up but when they get back to the forest the shadar-kai are nowhere to be seen. In the confusion of the night Ada snatches the Wand of Koyss from the church of Pelor, replaces it with a decoy and buries the real one before deciding what to do with it. The next day Rar’am villagers award Mara-kai and Albrecht with traditional ponchos for their health contributions to the community.

S06E07 – Curing the Soil Cursed

Once outside of the underground caverns Albrecht finds out that carrying the Wand of Koyss has aged him two decades. Caelynna finds him even more irresistible. The heroes arrive to Rar’am and spend a few days healing Mara-kai’s father and a few other townsfolk afflicted by the Wand’s curse. Hammer, Rar’am’s warforged major, invites the group to a thank you dinner but the day before that Baldur is found dead. Fenna’s autopsy points to poison as the cause of death.

S06E06 – Impaled

Inside the bottomless throne room an Ururl with little left but bones below his skin beckons the group with a big grimace and the Wand of Koyss in his hands. He is sitting on a throne that hovers erratically along with other discs. He arranges to give the wand to the heroes in exchange of a helm that is floating above out of his reach. Mara-kai and Albrecht unknowingly ignite the tower’s self-destruct mechanism by prying the helmet out of its invisible enclosure.

S06E05 – Breeding Grounds

During the fight with the dragonborn commandos the heroes find out that the dragonborn, too, are after the Wand of Koyss. The group, however, dispatches them to dragonborn heaven along with any answers they could have. After looting the bodies the group uses Rupert to open the biometric lock on the head-shaped door at the edge of the waterfall. Behind it a staircase leads them to an underground corridor submerged in amniotic fluid.

S06E04 – A Valley of Deranged Warforged

The heroes decide they are going to try to get out of the Desolation Desert by crossing the capricious sandstorm that blocked their way two days earlier. They tie a rope around everybody, including the camels, and they venture into the storm. When the expedition gets to the other side they find out they have only lost the camel that had all their provisions, Rupert, their compass, Albrecht their healer and Caelynna who was actually dispensable.

S06E03 – The Desolation Desert

The group aboard the Gerico arrives to Zoqoi, a town ruled by slavers. Gravel and Brook get off the Gerico and Cathreen, an angry female elf that turns out to be Geri’s fiancee, gets on board. Before leaving the city a belligerent group of slavers approaches the Gerico and threatens to sink it because they were waiting for the peasants family that got off at the previous stop, Malel. The group convinces them to not sink the boat by paying them a considerable amount of money and by making Geri promise them that the slavers will get 3 more slaves when the Gerico gets back to Zoqoi.